Trump, Mueller and 9/11 Truth: It’s Time To Drain The Whole Swamp!


Thousand Oaks, CA
January 24, 2018

by Rich Scheck

During the campaign, Trump made clear statements regarding unanswered
questions regarding 9/11. Those convinced the attack was a false flag took
note…and heart…even if they believed the candidate left much to be desired.

But Hillary was arguably worse and clearly a part of the Deep State/Swamp
infesting the District of Criminals with massive corruption.

To the extent our current foreign policy is based on the lies of 9/11 which provides
the pretext for our unending wars and interventions, there is zero difference between
Trump, Obama, Bush and the Clintons.

The Mueller investigation is a distraction from addressing these serious issues even
while it appears to explore the 2016 election process. What it is finding is interference
by the DNC, the FBI and nations like Israel even as proof of Russia’s role remains elusive.

Mueller (and his staff) seem quite suspect particularly to the extent of his involvement with the 9/11 cover-up, the Uranium One deal and evidence of FBI/DOJ complicity in exonerating Hillary while undermining the Trump campaign and presidency.

The Swamp is massive and needs to be entirely drained! Yes, Veterans Today is correct in
pointing to Trump’s involvement in many illicit activities. But that does not justify using the machinery of government in the form of the Mueller probe to bring down a president who appears to have actually won the 2016 election.

The levels of corruption are nearly overwhelming! Trump may be extremely flawed but in
the current crisis, he remains the seat of authority and legitimacy in a rapidly imploding
imperial collapse! It is his job to shepherd the way forward and do his best to get us
beyond the hate and schisms rendering our nation.

One possible scenario for him dealing with this dilemma is to take bold action: until and
unless President Trump moves to reopen the 9/11 investigation, he will remain a key part
of the problem!

I call on those like Roger Stone, Steve Pieczenik, Robert David Steele, Alex Jones and even
Gordon Duff who understand what is really going on to put aside partisan differences and
unite in a concerted effort to end the lies and imperial wars by requesting President Trump
embrace a new investigation of 9/11.

However unlikely this will happen, it may constitute the only was to address the billowing
constitutional crisis underlying so much of what passes for truth and news today!

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