WOW! FOX Legal Expert Jeanine Pirro Shuts Down Sheriff Joe Arpaio When Obama’s Fraudulent Birth Certificate Is Mentioned (Video)


SOTN Editor’s Note:
Normally, former judge and prosecutor Jeanine Pirro is on the right side of the debates. However, in the video posted below she shows her true colors.  How can anyone deny that Obama posted a forged copy of his fraudulent birth certificate at  Pirro’s unusual persistence with the BC matter seems to expose her carefully hidden Deep State agenda.

Truly, Pirro’s reflexive and disingenuous reactions to Joe Arpaio BC responses is of grave concern.  Her manicured image of objectivity and independence has been forever shattered.  Just watch her completely uncharacteristic “talking under her breath” during this embarrassing episode on FOX News.

Joe Arpaio trolls Pirro at 28:40. He says about Hawaii that the government there is incompetent, because they couldn’t solve the issue of the fake government document problem of Obama’s birth certificate.

When Pirro denies what he says, he reiterates it all over again.

First he says:

“Either that government is incompetent or there’s something behind it.”

Then he hammers it home the 2d time:

“There’s something wrong with that government because they can’t solve a phony government document.”
(Source: On A Great Roll, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Pushes Jeanine Pirro to Talk About The Birth Certificate.)

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