The Clintons & the CIA: Trafficking Cocaine (Video)


The Clinton family has been heavily involved in the trafficking of drugs, both inside and outside of the United States.

Arkansas, home of the Mena airport, was a major pick up and drop off location for drug shipments handled by the CIA. In fact, it is estimated by U.S. Customs that at least 75% of all drug smuggling aircraft have passed through this area.

The famous drug smuggler Barry Seal was one of the pilots in this operation and claims he trafficked several billion dollars worth of drugs in just 3 years of working for the CIA before getting caught.

He was able to get a plea deal and intended to turn state witness against bigger names within the drug smuggling operation, which some people believe included Clinton. Before Seal could ever implicate any higher ups though, he was found murdered in his car.

EXPOSED: Clinton’s Trafficked Massive CIA Shipments of Cocaine When Bill Was Governor of Arkansas

Bill Clinton has been accused of being a major player in the Mena, Arkansas air base drug trafficking operation. Perhaps most credible of these accusers is CIA whistleblower Terry Reed who has since written a book detailing just exactly how the CIA, in partnership with Bill Clinton, smuggled drugs into Arkansas.

More than just being accused though, Bill Clinton’s administration, while governor of Arkansas, clearly suppressed investigations.

Another whistleblower, Larry Nichols, then marketing director of the Arkansas Development Finance Authority, has also come forward and not only exposed Bill Clinton’s role in the smuggling of drugs and the illegal laundering of drug money, but claimed that his wife, Hillary, was just as involved as he was. In fact, Nichols, a former Green Beret, was a henchman for them who claims he carried out assassinations on their behalf as well. When you consider the long list of extremely mysterious deaths and assassinations concerning people who got too close to the Clintons, this is not only plausible, it’s quite likely.

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