Can Putin Stop The Coming Crusade in the Middle East?


Novato, CA
December 14, 2017

by Rich Scheck

He only said the word once but countless millions heard it! George W. Bush used that historical term in 2002 prior to his attack on Iraq after 9/11. The world has not been the same since!

Now comes Donald Trump with his declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Mr. Wrecking Ball has done it again and gone where his predecessors feared to tread.

Although the issue is not fully joined because of the vagueness with which Trump unilaterally evoked his decision to fulfill the Zionist dream, it was clear enough to send shock-waves across the entire world, most specifically to the nearly 2 billion Muslims who were deeply insulted by this profound political/religious gesture.

To his credit, Trump has forced the parties to engage more seriously regarding the (non-existent) peace process and address the “reality” of the Jewish state existing in the midst of countless followers of Allah. But at what cost?

His action could result in a full-fledged Crusade that embroils the Christian nation of Russia as well as the Fundamentalists of the West whose dream of the Second Coming once Israel was re-established seems closer than ever. Gog and Magog, the Rapture, Armageddon: all are part of the conversation that pulls at their spiritual heartstrings.

Not to be outdone in their orthodox beliefs are the various Muslim sects including the majority Sunni and minority Shiites who usually oppose each other as viciously as the Catholics and the Protestants (once?) did. They, too, dream of a unified world subject to the dictates of their rulers and Sharia law that would be the legal basis for their Caliphate.

These competing theocracies squared off a thousand years ago during the Crusades we learned about in school and may well be on the way towards repeating that bloody confrontation. With Jewish power so dominant in the halls of the American government as displayed so vividly last week, the potential for a stupendous conflagration grows stronger by the hour.

A simple comparison of the following two articles shows the contrast and apparent irreconcilability of the diverse perspective of these groups that virtually guarantees a kinetic face-off in the near future.


Christian Zionist:

Stepping boldly into this whirlwind of turmoil is Russian President Putin:





Once again he is attempting to mitigate the excesses of the US National Security State that is bent on establishing Pax Americana through its endless foreign interventions. Taking note of the hysteria surrounding charges of Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election, Putin is doing his best to interject a note of sanity into the conversation pertaining to the Grand Chessboard of global geopolitics.

Helping him achieve that elusive goal is the potential decision to establish the petro-yuan as the world’s reserve currency.  With the IOC designating East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital as a way to neutralize Trump’s unilateral pronouncement regarding Jerusalem, he is getting additional assistance from them as events swirl at a dizzying pace.

Can the next Crusade be avoided? Can the world stabilize in the face of dramatic changes and enormous religious and cultural antagonisms? Can Putin play a constructive role as the American political scene implodes into a quagmire of corruption and discord?

With great turmoil surrounding the economy, Iran, North Korea, Bitcoin, political corruption, and so much else, our prayers for Putin playing a positive role go out at this perilous moment in world history.

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