Trump, Putin and the Jerusalem Declaration


Putin’s Jerusalem Gambit

Rincon Valley, CA
December 8, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Few people play as well on the Grand Chessboard of international politics as
Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin. His latest gambit is a response to Trump’s
announcement acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Without rejecting or directly challenging the American president’s decision,
Putin went ahead and gave a qualified endorsement of it by saying Russia
recognizes West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

A careful reading of what Trump said in his statement left this as a clear possibility
and suggests to me that the two world leaders are cooperating. That is what I wrote
two days ago after the president spoke. (see below)

Is this in fact a carefully thought out effort to speed up the “peace process” in the
aftermath of the defeat of ISIS? Is Trump moving beyond the hysteria of the media
and the left who still refuse to accept his victory over Hillary? Are we seeing his
promised cooperation with Russia to Make The World Great Again? Perhaps!

Is it messy? Absolutely! Does it by-pass the UN, Congress and other international
efforts to solve the unsolvable? The answer might be yes!

When Obama won his Noble Peace Prize it was for giving one speech about reducing
the world’s reliance on nuclear weapons. He went ahead and authorized the US to
spend a trillion dollars to modernize our arsenal. Not cool in my opinion.

If Trump and Putin can pull this clever maneuver off and get both parties to accept some
compromises around the Jerusalem issue, they will truly have done something positive
for the world regarding peace and will have to break out the champagne together in Oslo.

If cooler heads can prevail in the Muslim world to defuse the reaction to what at first
appeared to be a unilateral dictate from the American Imperial leader, perhaps we can
look back at this week’s historic events and see the beginnings of a peaceful scenario
along lines I hinted at a year ago:

Santa Rosa, CA
December 6, 2017

O Jerusalem: Why Now?

by Rich Scheck

“And what rough beast, its time come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”  The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats (1919)

Today’s historic move by President Trump to fulfill his campaign promise as well as the dreams of Zionist Jews is all part of the reset of the global financial system.

It isn’t so much about Israel per se as it is about the New World Order and the Deep State/Globalist Agenda to create a centralized, one world government.

One hundred years after the end of WW! which led to the League of Nations and almost 75 years after the United Nations was created after WWII, a new conflagration is needed to finalize the plans for an effective world government that satisfies the needs of the global financial elite.

As Brandon Smith details in the articles below, the shifting economic winds that have seen the collapse of the Soviet Union, the financial crisis of the West and the rise of a powerful Red China, have forced world leaders to take action towards their SHARED goal of economic integration.

I predicted secret side agreements would be made in Viet Nam at the recent APEC Summit to further this agenda. Trump is an excellent agent of the Deep State with his faux nationalism and rhetoric of Make America Great Again as well as his strong ties to powerful Jews who are a part of the financial elite.

To me he represents his own faction of the ruling clique as do Putin, Xi and other world leaders who are all on board, consistent with their own national interests, in support of the broader agenda. That now may include the Saudis whose Crown Prince is being groomed (however imperfectly) as the face of Islam’s future.

Many of these leaders would prefer this all go down peacefully, especially now that so many countries have nuclear weapons. Realistically they realize with such fervent nationalism and entrenched religious feelings that war is virtually impossible to stop. Today’s announcement makes that more likely.

They may be doing their best to avoid further conflict but a perfect storm of economic, environmental, demographic and political factors have come together at this moment, all propelled by the immediacy of technology and instant communication, to trigger what may turn out to be a form of the long-predicted Armageddon in the Middle East.

Why now and why Jerusalem? It all fits perfectly into the dynamics of world history. Whether this is part of God’s plan and prophecy depends on one’s personal religious perspective. What cannot be denied is that we have reached a unique tipping point that the “wrecking ball” Donald Trump has articulated with great clarity in today’s speech.

Is he merely a Zionist puppet, beholden to the Bibi/Kushner/Adelson crowd that appears to have master-minded this policy? Is he the Anti-Christ who is triggering WWIII against Islam? Is he a secret pawn of the Russians and Chinese whose BRICS/SCO/OBI are transforming Eurasia and the Grand Chessboard in their favor? Or is he a true statesman out to protect the best interests of a weakened American Empire beset by deep problems after decades of expensive and debilitating wars for Pax Americana?

I think a case can be made for all of the above and that while evaluating the Hegemon we can be fooled into believing based on confirmation bias our own view is the only correct one. Perhaps the world is so complicated and inter-connected that on some level, it entails all of the above scenarios and ones I am too limited to see.

What cannot be denied is that President Trump has taken a bold step guaranteed to shake things up. Whether for good or ill, we will discover soon enough! O Jerusalem, thy time is now!


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