Why does the MSM always ignore stories when guns save the day?


Father Shoots Robber at Texas Popeyes After Gun Pointed at Daughters

A father shot a would-be armed robber at a San Antonio, Texas, Popeyes restaurant after the gunman pointed his firearm and the man’s daughters. (Jonathan Weiss/Dreamstime)

By Jen Krausz

A father who was eating with his family at a San Antonio, Texas, Popeyes restaurant fatally shot a robber after he threatened two of his children with a gun on Wednesday night.

The robber, 19-year-old Andres Herrera, walked into the restaurant around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday and approached Carlos Molina, 32, to demand money, according to Fox 29. Molina said he had used his money to buy the meal and asked the thief to let his family go.

After most of the family left the restaurant, two of Molina’s children came out of the restroom and Herrera pointed his gun at them. That’s when Molina shot Hererra several times and killed him, Fox reported. Police said that Molina was licensed to own a gun and that he shot Herrera in defense of a third person, Fox reported.

San Antonio Police Capt. Michael Starnes said that Molina will not face charges and that “he really saved the day and protected a lot of people” by his actions, the San Antonio Exress-News reported.

Twitter users supported Molina for his actions in protecting his children and others present during the robbery.


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