‘Is it all coming to a head?’


Subject: Your Morning Intelligence Brief (December 5th, 2017)

by Dave Bertrand

Ed Note:

Is it all coming to a head? Corruption in the CIA and FBI leadership is on the brink of collapsing within, or if they prevail….America will sink into the abyss of hell on earth as chaos, corruption, and a “Deep State” dictatorship with all the bells and whistles of communism under their New World Order, will destroy President Trump physically or politically while vengeance will sweep across America as a sleeping giant of men and women awaken to a new AmeriKa.

The denial on the Left is supported by FakeStream Media and the typical handful of political hacks that (in their minds) truly believe the Mueller investigation is righteous and without prejudice, and that Hillary did nothing illegal. That’s because the corruption in the FBI and CIA have protected the Clinton Machine for decades, while at the same time, presidents from George H.W. Bush to Obama carefully selected their corrupt / blackmailed buddies to head-up these agencies, including the DoJ.

In my experience working for various airlines, some good, some very bad, the solution for making the airline great again required changing management from the top down, but in many cases….that was not a reality based-on the structure of the corporation. When safety was the issue, because management types forced pilots to fly broken jets all over the world (or be fired), the next step was to alert the FBI. Forget the FAA, most are in bed with airline management….

Whistleblowers in the airline business were harassed and forced to resign, while other pilots took their own lives (and others) into their own hands in-order to keep their jobs.

Management painted a pretty picture to the flight crews about how great maintenance was while demonizing the few of us that alerted management that if certain aircraft were not fixed properly, instead of bogus maintenance sign-offs, we would take it to a whole new level. Well…..we did, and we were given crappy trips inside South America, keeping us there for 30 days at a time, home for about 3 or 4 days and then back to the jungles….in hopes we would just quit.

Long story short…..it took about one year for the FBI to react and ultimately shut the airline down, plus forced the FAA to remove the Director of Operations from ever seeking the same position again at any other airline. Because arrogance caught-up to management when a certain jet arrived Miami one year later, the same dangerous maintenance problem had NEVER been fixed ! The FBI and FAA acted immediately, after the surprise inspection, which was meant to “close the case” if nothing was found.

What we are seeing in Washington D.C. is about the same crap that doesn’t seem to end, but many of us and the “white hats” in Congress (and within the FBI) are about to unleash a furry upon the Clinton Machine, Mueller et al.

As each day passes, new information as to THEIR corruption and connections, hiding the truth from the American people is the “Obstruction of Justice” smoking gun that President Trump and the GOP are about to expose. Watch as Tucker Carlson lays it on the line about FBI corruption and the Lynch / Clinton tarmac meeting in Phoenix and the FBI bent-on covering-up the meeting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLYS11Bq50I

Where will it all go? Trump can only rely on the military (he trusts) to effectively rein-in these criminals within the FBI and CIA. He has no other choice, because those same elements want to assassinate him, and if the Mueller investigation collapses (and it will), President Trump needs to watch his six and we need to pray for him.

America is in a coup like no other time before in history and if WE fail, America will be finished….

—Dave Bertrand

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