WashPost: Trump Mulls Government Shutdown Over Border Wall




President Donald Trump is privately weighing the pros and cons of a government shutdown, The Washington Post reported.

On the pro side, Trump thinks taking a hard line on illegal immigration and funding for a border wall would be good for him politically with his base, which was less than happy with his dalliance with Democratic leadership three months ago, the Post reports.

On the con side, everything else.

“When you run for office and you get elected and you are given the opportunity to govern, it strikes me as a bad idea to shut the government down,” Texas Sen. John Cornyn told the Post. “That seems like an abdication of responsibility.”

Trump’s out — blaming the Democrats, a notion he proffered earlier this week.

Trump has openly tossed around the benefits of a “good shutdown” before, having tweeted about it earlier this year.

“He’s not advocating for a shutdown in any way. We want to make sure our military is funded. We want to make sure our priorities are funded. That’s why we invited [Democrats] over to have a conversation about a deal,” White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short told reporters late Thursday, the Post reported.

The deadline to fund the government is Dec. 8; Republicans are expected to introduce measures to extend the deadline to Dec. 22, the Post reports.


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