Garrison Keillor Fired Day After Defending Al Franken’s Sexual Indiscretions



Daniel Greenfield

Look out folks, it’s another lefty “icon” falling.

The Washington Post, a social justice blog with no ethics or standards, decided to run Garrison Keillor’s defense of Al Franken’s groping. It started with Keillor asserting that, “It’s slippery ground, in general, to judge past actions by present standards.”

That was followed by Keillor’s usual patented ramblings and an attack on President Trump.

“No other president in modern times has been held in contempt by a preponderance of people,” Keillor bleated. “How can the country come together when the president has nothing in common with 98 percent of the rest of us?”

Then, Keillor, not intentionally going for laughs, tried to pass off Al Franken as a patriot. “And then there is Sen. Al Franken. He did USO tours overseas when he was in the comedy biz. He did it from deep in his heart, out of patriotism.”

Then he compared Al Franken to Shakespeare. Again, not intentionally going for laughs.

Why was Keillor defending Franken so enthusiastically? Shortly after the Washington Post ran his disgusting defense of a sexual predator, its author was also out.

 Garrison Keillor, the former host of “A Prairie Home Companion,” said Wednesday he has been fired by Minnesota Public Radio over allegations of improper behavior.

Keillor told The Associated Press of his firing in an email. In a follow-up statement, he said he was fired over “a story that I think is more interesting and more complicated than the version MPR heard.” He didn’t give details of the allegation.

The statement came shortly after Keillor, an avowed Democrat, wrote a syndicated column that ridiculed the idea that Sen. Al Franken should resign over allegations of sexual harassment.

Let me tell you about an industry where all the men are above average progressive predators. And the women are finally speaking up.

The Washington Post had been running Keillor’s pseudo-folksy pieces that are every bit as authentic as Michael Moore’s routine and Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokeeness for a while. And Keillor tediously praised Hillary and bashed Trump.

Here’s his greatest masterpiece celebrating the oppressed womanhood of Hillary.

She is the first major-party nominee to be pictured in prison stripes by the opposition. She is the first cabinet officer ever to be held personally responsible for her own email server, something ordinarily delegated to anonymous nerds in I.T. The fact that terrorists attacked an American compound in Libya under cover of darkness when Secretary Clinton presumably got some sleep has been held against her, as if she personally was in command of the defense of the compound, a walkie-talkie in her hand, calling in air strikes.

Someday historians will get this right and look back at the steady pitter-pat of scandals that turned out to be nothing, nada, zero and ixnay and will conclude that, almost a century after women’s suffrage, almost 50 years after Richard Nixon signed Title IX into law, a woman was required to run for office wearing concrete shoes. Check back fifty years from now and if I’m wrong, go ahead and dance on my grave.

Garrison Keillor: Great American Feminist.


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