Black Friday Nonsense Must Stop


It Desecrates & Disgraces Thanksgiving

Commentary submitted by GA

To Trump Team: We Can Do Better.  This Black Friday nonsense must stop.  It is outrageous and totally ungodly.  It totally disgraces America, a country that USED TO BE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD of appropriate and Godly behavior.

“Think” WHO is behind all the defamation of America, this once Godly Christian Country.”

I’m not sure what the solution is, but you must encourage RETAILERS to do better.

1) No retail sales on Thanksgiving, a National Holiday, when families gather and are giving thanks to God.  What is going on is a TOTAL desecration of this Godly Holiday!

2) I don’t know maybe declare Friday after Thanksgiving another National Holiday too to keep the stores closed?  No that won’t work, they will just do their stampedes on Saturday after Thanksgiving.

3) How about moving Thanksgiving up to the First Friday in November???   Lets face it most retailer moguls are Jewish, so do they want people to work on the next day, Saturdays, their Sabbath?

Just trying to think out of the box here to find a solution that will fall naturally to end this stampede that not only desecrates ThanksGiving To God but also hurts people and brings out antisocial behavior. 

Maybe move Thanksgiving to October!  That might be the solution.  Yes, maybe that is the solution, move it to right around Columbus Day.  The two holidays are inextricably linked, giving Thanks to God and our Heritage of this country.

Now see what greedy Retail moguls decide to do.   I’m thinking they will rethink their “black friday” stampede plans ON ThanksGiving Day, and our annual Day of ThanksGiving to God will be left alone and not desecrated. 

In October, too many days left in the year for stores to start slashing prices.  If they slash prices to the bone in October, there will be nothing on the store shelves for the next 2 months!  Not good business.  It will push the big sales to right back to before and after Christmas, the way it used to be.

The next holiday after Columbus Day is Halloween…….merchants mustn’t forget the bucks they can make with Halloween.  So it is a natural progression: Columbus Day, then ThanksGiving and then Halloween in October.

I think it might be a solution that will fall “naturally”.  Commerce will adjust accordingly, rather than passing laws and regulations.

And our National Holiday of Giving Thanks to God will be preserved and not be desecrated.

I speak for ALL True Christians when I say all the above.

Others might come up with a better solution, and I am certainly open to a better solution, but this is the one I have come up with without passing more restrictive laws that all stores must be closed on ThanksGiving and the Day after thanksgiving.

Bottomline?  We must not let our National Day of Thanksgiving to God to be so desecrated by people with no conscience and behave like animals.  This sends a horrible message to the rest of the world, especially the unsaved world.

We can do better, and we MUST!

Others?  Let me know if you have a better idea.  We can’t leave all solutions up to Trump.  He needs us.  If you are as horrified with this NOW national rampage every year in the name of “Christmas”, in the name of “Christ”, then let me know what your ideas are, and I will forward to the Trump Team who are working tirelessly on our behalf.

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