Who’s really cross-decking with who on the global geopolitical chessboard?


It’s game on! And the real power players can no longer hide their true loyalties.

Perceptive comment posted at Infowars.com

So it’s an interesting theory. Alex has this narrative where the good guy nationalists in the government are outranked but fighting the good fight against the globalists who are pulling the blackmail and bribery strings behind our politicians and agency heads, and cross-decking with globalists in the ME and elsewhere to maintain tensions and milk everyone, everywhere, while stripping us of our rights, and our national sovereignty. Somehow those good guy nationalists are winning now that Trump is at the helm. To wit: Trump got the Saudis to arrest the bad Prince’s who were funding terrorism.

But something stinks: this shit show has two big moving parts, a media that lies, and a government that keeps political secrets from a democracy. With Trump at the helm, why haven’t we heard confirmation by the government of what we all suspect about Islamic (Saudi/Indonesia) ties to Vegas? I mean, those Princes are all arrested now, and the King has turned over a new leaf, right? So, there seems to be no operational or diplomatic reason left for secrecy. Yet still we have secrets from the Government, from 9/11 to Vegas, to so much else? Given Trump, as the President, can declassify, or classify, virtually anything he wants, that buck stops with him.

If you were an evil Sith lord running the government, but you needed to keep the storm troopers bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and motivated to fight-the-good-fight, feeling like the good-guys. . . well, let’s just say the problem with Alex’s narrative is that it’s too close to the narrative you’d use on the storm troopers. With the good-guy-government vs globalists narrative, we have to assume it’s no more than a minor schism with globalists until we see some real change in policy matters and secrecy over things that touch on political matters, particularly political matters essential to an informed and functioning democracy.

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    P.S. For example, Alex rightfully points fingers at globalists cross-decking with Saudi royals for a false flag 9/11 attack, but where the rubber hits the road he doesn’t hold the government to the same standards when Congress unconstitutionally and irrationally delegates its duty to declare war with its Authorization for Use of Force against AQ and IS, that basically makes anyone with a sworn allegiance to either Al Qaeda or ISIS an enemy combatant, anywhere in the world, no matter whose Country they are in, forever and all time.

    Here’s how the government can similarly cross-deck to achieve military foreign policy objectives:

    (1) Saudis sprinkle some shiny new AKs and RPGs to local rebels (in whatever Country is next) if rebels swear allegiance to ISIS.

    (2) Rebels swear allegiance to ISIS (but with fingers crossed) to get shiny weapons.

    (3) Now the U.S. can conduct a secret “war” with Congressional pre-“authorization” for as long as and with whatever it takes.

    So, I guess the question for Alex with this Sunni vs Shia, Saudi vs Iran thing is this. Given that the Russians back the Iranians. How do we know this isn’t the same type of shake n’ bake nation busting, only this time with Russian cross-decking?

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