LRAD: Were the helicopters and drones in Vegas a part of a ‘Long Range Acoustic Device’ live test?

A Wild Twist in the Plot Behind the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

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Real Info on Vegas Shooting For You

You are on right path in part. I’m using this temp email as there is no need to contact me back, nor do you have a need to know who I am.

Here’s what I know on Vegas shooting – it could be part disinformation in part as the uppers tend to engage in and spread around.

Paddock was an informant with a planned meeting to demo arms to M-13* with an ISIS connection. M 13 runs ISIS members in and out of USA. I somewhat have a need to know this.

*MS-13 is an international criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles, California (overseen by the C.I.A.)

My opinion on above – Paddock was set up. Never met him or knew of him – not a need to know. Highly unlikely he fired a single shot, but I cannot say for sure in terms of what I need to know.

What I DO know for the REAL GOAL of shooting;

1. Weapons test for new tech using sound harmonics, ultra and sub sonic sound shielding, etc, etc to create a triangulation ‘shield’ to test how effective this test would be in slowing down bullets, deflecting bullets using sound as a SORT of shield. Look into a company stock called $LRAD

As I hear, it was known ISIS [aka as the C.I.A.] was planning a Vegas attack. This was seen as an opp to test the new tech, Big $$$ involved. Again, check LRAD.

2 shooters from 2 adjacent rooms, same floor, Mandalay bay. No shooters on ground. Shooters at other hotels designed as a distraction narrative – no intention to harm, assets were under control – what I have heard, but do not know.

First volley M240B sound emulated via PA (that I know) to create a narrative (opinion, don’t know). How you can know this – As soon as Aldean stops, the emulated 240 stops. Within that emulation, it’s been said single sniper fire responsible for head shots.

Actual weapons I’m hearing used;

Saw/AR 15 with Bump stock and gat crank and 308 for sniper fire. Test was mainly successful = head shot victims taken out by sniper single shot firing. – remember, I am hearing this, I do not know that this is disinformation as it’s not my need to know area.

Concert Goers believed sound coming from PA system because of first auto volley emulation, then triangulation of 3 drones would cause this effect (this I know). Anything on science level, that I have a need to know.

Key evidence for you – video of shooting before last song shot from side east of concert, timestamp 3:36, listen for whistle sound, then short boom sound, watch girl with blonde hair being pushed down to ground and crowd begins to disperse – this was a drone displacing air and setting up the shield – this began the test phase. first fold is intended to disperse a crowd (LRAD) – these are not crisis actors.

You are correct about crisis actors and how they are used. Actually, you are correct about a lot of things, but some not.

This attack could have been both stopped and could have been far worse if not for the shield. Without the shield, we estimated 500 to 2000 deaths. The shield will now go live to protect soldiers at large and large crowds in the future from various terror attacks.

Understand, you digging into LRAD and overall digging into this could be dangerous, so tread with caution. Be smart and use your head here.

You might find it interesting that many in the MSM know about this stuff as well to a degree, but are afraid for many reasons, on many levels. Lots of decent people with a lot of fear.

There is nothing anyone can do about these things and the general public is highly programmed not to do anything about it.

Obviously, I don’t like that people were killed, and I’m really sick of the overall narrative in our society these days. Granted, this tech will save lives in the future, but many will profit from his and blood money is disgusting. They could have tested this on a herd of animals. I speculate since they knew an ISIS op was coming, = see if it works as designed in a real life setting.

I don’t know or have heard anything on Campos. Perhaps see if he has an M-13 connection?

I can’t speak on “Illuminati sacrifices” as I don’t know, nor have I ever heard anything on that but what I’ve read in the public domain. I would not put it past some of these people though.

No, I’m not in Germany, I’m on a pub net somewhere in USA. This will be first and only time you hear from me.

Last tidbit to leave you with on something I definitely know – ignore any fear about NK hitting USA with a nuke. SDI is perfected and there is no chance any ICBM can hit the USA unless it was deliberately allowed to hit. The tech we posses is on par, if not more advanced than the stuff you see in movies. What you are only hearing about now, we have perfected YEARS ago.

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