Weinstein: Why now?


A Letter to Editor regarding the question:

Why did they take down Harvey Weinstein now?

Comment submitted by ANON

How do guys like Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy — known sex abusers, sexual harassers and probable rapists — not only get a “free pass” from feminists, but get their protection and defense, too?

It is their position on abortion — a woman’s right to murder babies.

It is the ultimate litmus test — do you worship Molech?

If so, then you can sexually harass and even rape women, and the feminists will support and defend you.

Why now, after at least 20-years of abusing women would the NYT go after a liberal-lefty like Weinstein?

He just announced he was going to produce and direct a movie based on the Leon Uris-authored book Mila 18, which depicts the Warsaw Ghetto revolt, which would undoubtedly be pro-Jewish and pro-Israel.

Why would this matter? The NYT (ironically always Jewish owned) and the people behind them pulling the strings hate Israel (or at least the current Zionist government). Why this hate is so intense is very deep and very complicated.

See: The Blatant Anti-Israel Bias at the New York Times

Satan’s fall from his first estate was due to his pride and arrogance.

When you think you can go up against your own puppet-masters, you usually get warnings.

I am sure Harvey did, but didn’t listen.

I consider it all just part of a spiritual battle which started long before the creation of man.

The creation of man just caused an end date to eventually be put on that war.


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