Trump on Obamacare: ‘It’s Dead, It’s Gone’


President Donald Trump (Evan Vucci/AP)

By Joe Crowe | NEWSMAX

Obamacare is a thing of the past, according to President Donald Trump on Monday.

“Obamacare is finished,” Trump said Monday at a White House meeting with his Cabinet, according to HuffPost. “It’s dead. It’s gone. You shouldn’t even mention it.”

Obamacare remains in effect. In most states, people can sign up for insurance coverage from Nov. 1 to Dec. 15, HuffPost reported.

Trump has taken aim at Obamacare recently. He signed an executive order Thursday that instructed his administration to rewrite some federal insurance rules.

He also cut off federal subsidy payments to insurers that reduce costs for low- and middle-income people, which jolted the insurance industry over higher premiums that consumers could face, according to USA Today.


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