Why did the Harvey Weinstein affair explode now?


Why expose Weinstein now? Look for a media narrative shift, time for the NFL and owners to take responsibility

One thing I appreciate about Rush Limbaugh: you can always count on him to try to ferret out motives, behind-the-scenes scheming of the Left. One theory that is out there: Why are people who have known for years he is a sexual pervert suddenly exposing Harvey Weinstein? Because they think it will eventually help them get rid of Trump?

The Times of Israel has the best explanation. He is a friend of Israel!

Trump has real momentum. Supreme Court threw out travel ban rulings of lower courts. NFL. Hollywood implosion. We have to be on the lookout for a media narrative shift: equating Harvey Weinstein with Trump. The only way Trump would lose would be if the media can persuade Trump voters that Trump is no longer interested in draining the swamp.

Harvey is out of the country, supposedly getting sex addiction treatment.

Obama finally came out with some remarks about his friend and benefactor, Harvey Weinstein. He and Michelle have been disgusted by the reports (not by Harvey’s behavior, but by the reports of his behavior.> They applaud the women who have come forward, but they never applauded the women who have come forward to expose Bill Clinton!

We have that culture that empowers our girls and teaches our boys decency and respect, Mr. Obama. You called it “bitter clingers” and “religion and guns,” as your Hollywood pals laughed and mocked us.

Trump seems to be the only Republican trying to take advantage of this scandal.

Trump also seems to be the one calling the shots with the NFL, and that scares Rush. Rush believes it should be the league and owners of teams who take responsibility for how their employees behave, not the head of our government!


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