Iran Update


San Rafael, CA
October 11, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Far more important than the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the kneeling NFLers or even the natural disasters devastating parts of the country is the prospect of President Trump decertifying the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action with Iran.

Right up there with the North Korea crisis is the one intensifying with Iran that will get more serious shortly after Trump follows through with his campaign rhetoric.

As Phil Giraldi and countless other commentators have been saying, this is an Israel First policy:

A brief review of the following articles will demonstrate just how serious this situation has become.  Perhaps the shooting in Las Vegas was actually a psyop to provide a diversion from behind the scenes developments in the Middle East, the Korean Peninsula, the South China Sea and elsewhere with Iran and North Korea being the most volatile.,7340,L-5025800,00.html?utm_source=Taboola_internal&utm_medium=organic

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