WARNING: FBI asking for people to “help them” in Las Vegas

by Jim Stone

Want a quick ticket to finding out what happens after you die? The FBI is asking for any and all people who know anything about what happened in Las Vegas the night of the shooting to contact them to “help with the investigation.”


We already know they are lying about everything. WE ALREADY KNOW THEY HELPED MAKE THE NIGHT HAPPEN, AND THEREFORE ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING BECAUSE THEY WERE INVOLVED. Even white hats in the FBI want to run a parallel investigation to circumvent the black hats and were shut down.

Therefore, the FBI asking for people to “contribute” what they know can only possibly be TWO THINGS:

1. A nice looking fake face.
2. A WAY FOR THEM TO TRACK DOWN ANYONE WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH THAT COULD GET THEM IN TROUBLE, SO THEY CAN DETAIN AND KILL WITNESSES. Make no mistake, the FBI’s pants are on fire and they absolutely will murder ALL witnesses to put that fire out. If you were a witness in Vegas, especially any of the other hotel shootings DO NOT CALL THE FBI, if you do, you’ll be dead.
This is not a joke or assumption. They are already known killers, having set up numerous false flags and are now known to be aiding and abetting what went on in Vegas. If you can’t understand “how they missed the story” THEY DID NOT MISS THE STORY, THEY WERE THE STORY, I guess people should try to spread what they witnessed as much as possible, but with regard to the FBI, it is SHUT UP OR DIE.
(Deborah’s comment: remember in the years immediately following JFK’s murder, key witnesses were picked off left and right, most were dead within 3 years, of unnatural causes.  This is what District Attorney in New Orleans found when he began his investigation 3 years after the murder…..very few witnesses left alive.  But they didn’t have the internet back then.  So go ahead and report what you have on the internet and let it circulate, but keep your identity a secret.  If it’s too late for that, then make legal declaration and notarized by you, about what you witnessed and give it to an attorney (or other reliable person) to be released to the press if you should suddenly die for any reason at all…..auto accident, etc.)


Someone claims to have shot a clandestine video of him gambling at Hurrah’s in Atlantic City New Jersey on October 6, and I gotta say, this deserves some attention.

His brother slipped up on national television and said he is alive. THAT COULD BE A SLIP UP, BUT WHAT ABOUT THIS:

CONTEXT: A man at the same gambling table with him noticed who he was and carefully recorded a crystal clear 18 second video of him gambling with his Filipino girlfriend. “Paddock and his girlfriend” were seated side by side, across the table from him at an angle. I’d say that Filipino chick next to him certainly adds some perspective. The guy shooting the video was smart about it, and at the same time got the Casino’s activity schedule with a date of October 6 in the video also, to tag a known date on the video. I was skeptical about what people were posting until I finally got ahold of the video, and I have to say, this should be posted.
So how deep does the rabbit hole go? YOU DECIDE I GUESS, I have also cached this video on this website to keep it from getting green-pilled. You can right click it to save it yourself.
Ok, first take a look at this video.There are better copies of this out there, but this will do when I have already burned a pile of bandwidth this month.  (Comment from Deborah: double click on the video when it comes up to enlarge it.)
Then take a look at this photo and explain it.



1. THE MSM narrative is unadulterated pure smokable bullshit. Get high on it if you want, but it won’t help anyone. 2. The FBI does not want to be honest about the scale of what happened, and had a ready to go patsy in a hotel room that was never fired from, and therefore had intact windows AFTER the last shots were fired. This patsy may still be alive (but I am not going into that).

3. Rather than a shooting originating at Mandalay bay, a team (or teams) of shooters went around Vegas shooting up hotel lobbies and finished their joy rides at the concert. This is why near and distant shots could be heard in the same videos. I can’t think of why the MSM is being dishonest about this now, but in the first hours they were reporting it.

4. People who were shot at the hotels got a legitimate emergency response, and those shot at the concert were left laying all night to die. The narrative was then expunged down to lone-nut case shoots up concert. I can’t figure out why. You’d think they’d milk this to the max, but for some reason the FBI stepped in and said NOPE, this is ONLY a story about a guy shooting at the concert from far away.
I’ll say what I think but can’t prove – The shootings, (hotels and concert) were paid for by Soros and European/New World Order interests and carried out by Israeli intelligence and probably a few dupes from Antifa. Something happened with this that they can’t have go public no matter what, so since the FBI is in their death grip, the FBI is fabricating horse shit to prevent a real investigation into what went on. They had someone convenient on site that they could use, and they used him, meanwhile the perps went to the near by airport only a block away from the concert and took off in an already idling jet within 2 or 3 minutes of finishing up at the concert.

When you sum up what is here, all of it documented, that’s really the only highly plausible answer to what everything adds up to. It is pretty damn obvious the concert was set up as a killing field when most of the gates, including ALL emergency exits, were locked. That alone kills the Islamic / lone nutcase take on this 100 percent. It was a major operation which was directed by high political figures and then buried by the shadow state because something went awry.

Beware FBI deliberately Muddying the waters

The tactic of muddying the waters is in use with the Vegas shooting to an extent I have never seen done before. Muddying the waters is when crap info is thrown into the story line to make whatever flows through it too dirty to make sense of. EXAMPLES: Paddock’s prostitute speaks up, Paddock had countless girlfriends, “fake calls” made by numerous hotels about getting shot up when there are plenty of witnesses that actually lived through it, etc.

The fact is that the FBI got busted for once, for real, doing a real coverup under the filthiest of circumstances that they can’t get out of. They will employ the best they have to create so much confusion no one reaches an answer. The facts are very easy – no broken windows in the Mandalay immediately after the shooting, obvious multiple shooters, multiple hotels involved, people left abandoned to die at the concert, Paddock was the fall guy. One line of text says it all. Anything outside of that (except perhaps the crisis actor approach, which I seriously doubt) is probably just a black op ruse to muddy the water.
Lots of people have their own legitimate pet theories with this, that pretty much follow what I mentioned here. With the exception of Paddock seen in Atlantic City, everything here is my own discovery, which I trust, and I will not publish other people’s theories. I am not a link farm. When it all boils down, I’d say 60 percent of the people out there are on the right track, with only the details differing. I am not going to change my details. I know what I have come up with is legit and tells the story well enough.

The only thing I have not figured out is where do we go from here? This was the biggest slam down coverup of a story in progress that has ever happened. The FBI has never been busted for lying as badly as this. We now know in no uncertain terms the FBI is a clear, standing enemy on American soil that will mass murder with aplomb. Action has to be taken against the FBI, and not taken within the system, which will only malfunction against the people and lead to more deaths. How are we, the American people, going to handle this?


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