The Continuing Trend Towards A New Political Party


McKinleyville, CA
September 21, 2017

by Rich Scheck

There is a definite movement towards the creation of a new political party in
the United States.

Looking back to 1992 when Ross Perot got just under 20% of the vote against
incumbent President Bush and the far more glamorous “Slick Willie” Clinton, the
trend towards something new to replace the two corrupt established parties has
been intensifying.

The last quarter century has seen the rise of many efforts to create a positive
alternative to the ossified Republicans and Democrats.

Ross Perot’s Reform party; the Tea Party; the Green Party; the Constitution Party; the
Libertarians; The Occupy Movement and others, have all made an effort to transform
the system and restore some measure of legitimacy to it.

Then came Donald Trump in 2016: he built on those who came before him like Perot,
Ron Paul; Pat Buchanan; Ralph Nader; Jesse Ventura; Dennis Kucinich; Jesse Jackson;
and Jill Stein appealing to millions of disaffected voters from both parties to make history:

But Trump has stumbled and abandoned much of his platform leading even staunch fans
like Anne Coulter threatening to leave the fold:

Top loyalist Steve Bannon is no longer part of the inside team and has taken his populist
views back to Breitbart in an effort to remind his former boss just why he won.

To a large extent, the 2016 election is still going on, partly because the media and
Democrats remain in shock that Trump actually won. Hillary’s return to the public arena to hawk her “blame-all” book combined with the unending attacks by the MSM and his
countless poor decisions have led to the appearance of chaos in the Trump Administration.

But the DEMs have big problems, too. Clinton is still a divisive force with tons of baggage
and unresolved scandals trailing behind her.

Bernie and his band Sandernistas remain active while more moderate party members like
Congressman Tim Ryan are caught in the middle and poised to work with Trump on some

So the trend is away from the “two-party tyranny” and towards the formation of something
akin to what I called the American Populist Party. It is not a certainty that my ideas will
prevail but every day it gets clearer that some form of third party is now inevitable.
McKinney and Steele Nobly Persevere In Efforts to Transform American Politics

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