A “Reality Check” … but do you care?


by Willaim Webber

Everyone so eager to point the finger; Dems hate Repubs, Repubs hate Dems, black hate whites, whites hate blacks, gay against straight & man against woman.

What the country needs is unity but maybe after reading thru most of these comments; the Council of 13 will get their wish just as all elite throughout history have done thru divide, conquer and distract with bread & circus.

The country and the constitution are in a world of shit, has anyone noticed?

Soros backs Antifa and Jared Kushner, oh, and Obama, too; anyone care?

The Rothschilds refinanced and restructured all of Trump’s debt in the late 80’s pulling him out of destitution, anyone-care?

Hillary & Bill raised 10 billion for Haiti, spent less than 30 million, anyone care?

Project for a New American Century wrote a paper about toppling all 6 nation states that we’ve gone to war against since 9/11; except they said what they needed was another Pearl Harbor, anyone care?

During the election Trump cited “dancing Muslims” except one small caveat; they were “dancing Israelis”, arrested and released by Michael Chertoff, a dual national.

Sound funny? Turn off your boob tubes…Marxism is taking over our youth, Constitution in danger, sound funny?

Racist, PC, hate speech all used and started by Lenin to destroy his political foes. Seems to be working pretty good here in America.

Be careful for what you wish for because the power elite want totalitarian capitalism for themselves, and Marxist feudalism for the masses.

Comment originally posted at: https://youtu.be/gi4uSSc1iPI

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