Under Attack by the “Deep State”


By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

Do you think the former Soviet Union was bad, take a hard look at the video (below), the Judicial Watch interview with Dr. Sebastian Gorka (Trump’s Former Deputy Secretary).

Dr. Gorka discusses the so-called “Conspiracy Theory” known as the “Deep State” control of (OUR) government and this president. Dr. Gorka says, it goes deeper than anyone can imagine and should be termed, “The Permanent State” that has been around for decades and will never go away. (See my article link that goes hand in hand with this report).


Gorka states that a “sister agency looks at the W.H. as the enemy” and obviously he is talking about the CIA.

Against all odds, WE THE PEOPLE (somehow) voted Trump into office and he is the one that has brought the “Deep State” to the surface, a well oiled machine that has been exposed. For the younger folks that are reading this and they should….the “Deep State” is like the engine in a car and the president is the driver of the car, but if the engine quits at the wrong time, the car (the U.S.) will become immediately worthless and will shutdown the driver and maybe kill the driver if that engine seizes up in the middle of an intersection or on the railroad tracks. WE THE PEOPLE are only passengers in the car. If America collapses by design, we will all (Left and Right) suffer accordingly.

If President Trump continues to go beyond the scope of the Military Industrial Complex (agendas) and forces AG Sessions and Congress to do their job….his days as president will be short lived. This is exactly why we are seeing President Trump appeasing DACA, the Border Wall and soon HealthCare Reform. If the U.S. conducts a preemptive strike on North Korea, it will not be Trump’s decision, but the Armed Services Committee and the National Security Committee that will decide for him.

“There is no balance of power,” we have essentially a dictatorship by fiat, controlling America and every citizen by surveillance and data mining….exceeding anything we saw during the Soviet Union days. We are basically the United Soviet States of AmeriKa….a transition that took place just after WWII.

The criminals….Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner, FBI Comey, Mueller, Rice, Obama, et al will walk free because they are part of the “Deep State.”

The ONLY element keeping the “Deep State” from committing absolute tyranny against the American people are the millions of guns in the hands of citizens, which we know the push to create a false flag event, with Martial Law as the ruse….will be the attempt to seize ALL weapons with the help of United Nations troops in our life time.

In the meanwhile…all of you and me are under attack by the “Deep State” by using the far Left extremist / socialist /communists as a weaponized political movement to destroy any and all attempts to “Make America Great Again.” “They know not what they are doing,” because there are many freebies if they win….they don’t care and most are very ignorant of what is really going-on below the surface.

Keeping the far Left goons dumbed-down with MSNBC and CNN propaganda will continue while real truth in news will continue to be systematically censored and eventually shutdown. WE ARE AT WAR IN AMERICA….

—Dave Bertrand


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