Are Hurricanes José & Maria foreshadowing a Hurricane Jesús?


José = Joseph; Maria = Mary

Who’s naming these hurricanes anyway? And what’s their agenda with these two Atlantic storms?

State of the Nation

It’s quite obvious that the geoengineers who fabricate these hurricanes are taking direction from the NWO ruling cabal where it concerns the naming of these superstorms.

At first glance, one might overlook the religious overtones of the two largest storms in the Atlantic Ocean today that are named José and Maria.

In English these translate to Joseph and Mary.

Are they really just the precursor of another future Hurricane—Jesús.

Everyone now knows that these frankenstorms are geoengineered into existence from the get-go.

And, that each name is quite carefully chosen.  For instance IRMA means “war goddess”; HARVEY means “battle worthy”.  How fitting those turned out to be?

Joseph and Mary

Mary is “most likely originally an Egyptian name, perhaps derived in part from mry “beloved” or mr “love”.[1]

Joseph is a Hebrew name that means “he will add”.[2]

Now, what is the true significance behind these 2 hurricane names?

SOTN is asking our readers to offer their opinions in this regard.

We have different theories, but each of them depends on what develops with MARIA, as well as with JOSÉ.

Whether these two storm systems somehow merge at some point to create a Baby Jesús remains to be seen.

State of the Nation
September 17, 2017


[1] MARY


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