Evidence Indicates Trump’s Election Was A Victory For Populism


Philomath OR
Sept 13 2017

by Rich Scheck

Eight months after his upset victory in the 2016 presidential election, more signs
are emerging that Trump’s defeat of Clinton represents the triumph of populism.

I have long asserted the need for a new party to replace the existing two-party
tyranny which created a Washington Consensus that includes the leadership
of both major parties and which has led to massive corruption.

That theory was supported in recent years by the rise of the Tea Party Right and the
Occupy Left which were represented by Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in 2016.

When the DNC conspired to deny Sanders the nomination, it opened a huge space
for Trump to emerge as the true champion of populist sentiment in the center where
the alt-left and alt right merged on TPP; an end to bank bailouts; no more illegal wars
based on lies; and curtailment of NSA spying.

Now out of the White House, Steve Bannon confirms my theory in a powerful interview
with Charlie Rose. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/47791.htm

He strongly condemns the Republican Establishment whom he states are working to
nullify the 2016 election while confirming that Trump made a huge mistake at the start of
his Administration by allowing himself to be co-opted by the very forces he ran against.

Voters are also showing their preference for more civility and a centrist approach
by applauding Trump’s outreach to the DEMs on the budget

And Rand Paul’s defeat in attempting to get Congress to take responsibility for
declaring war also confirms that it is the two-party tyranny of NeoCon warmongers
that opposes the populist (antiwar) Trump of the 2016 campaign.

With Hillary reduced to a whining sore-loser willing to blame everyone but herself
and Pelosi coming off as slightly demented, the Left’s disgust with its leadership
means the populist center is strengthening under Trump despite the endless assault
by the mass media, the Deep State and the swamp creatures still inhabiting the Capital.

Even after Charlottesville, many alt-left are fed-up with the media’s racist hype and the
efforts by their leaders to paint the president as a white supremacist. They are switching
their support to Trump…………..consistent with his original populist image.

Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele have done their best to pick up the fallen
populist banner that Trump dropped quickly after entering the White House. But despite
their good intentions and brilliance, #UNRIG needs to be modified to resonate more
powerfully with the broader electorate rather than with the only media and academia.

With even Russia and China apparently on board for more wars, a strong pro-peace
populist party is needed now more than ever.

If the likes of Bannon, McKinney, Steele, Paul, Tulsi Gabbard and countless other
well-meaning citizens falls short of “draining the swamp” the prospects of endless
wars and an oppressive national security state will only grow stronger.

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