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My Fellow Americans,

It was more than 50 years ago that the assassins’ bullets took the life of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas.  With that defining moment in US history the hopes and dreams of the nation froze in that single traumatic event.  Although world history would be profoundly altered in its wake, it is essential to understand that it was meant to be.  As the shots that rang out on that fateful day continue to echo throughout all of eternity, those who lived through November 22nd of 1963 were fundamentally and forever changed.

Most are not aware but JFK’s brother, Robert R. Kennedy, admitted to making a huge mistake by following misguided military advice concerning the Viet Nam War.  As soon as they recognized their mistake they set about the process of terminating that terrible war.  Although it was subsequently escalated by JFK’s successor, President Johnson, it was ultimately the idealistic Baby Boomers and their many wise mentors from the Beat Generation who ultimately terminated that unjust and horrific war.

It is now essential for everyone reading this “OPEN LETTER” to fully comprehend the immense significance of that bold-faced statement!  For the first time in recorded history a war was shut down by a popular movement. Yes — the flower children who galvanized the first real peace movement of the modern era — were the first group of courageous souls to say “NO!” to an unjustifiable war.  This had never happened before, and it has not happened since?

How many reading this truly grasps just how paradigm-shattering those courageous acts turned out to be in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  What paradigm, some may ask?  The paradigm of perpetual war which has come to define the entire span of the current Iron Age in which we all live.  Why, then, has the world continued to walk down the same road since Viet Nam?  If the perpetual war cycle was broken back in the ’70s, why the ongoing armed conflicts in Ukraine,  Syria, Iraq, and Palestine today, not to mention the scores of other wars over the past 40 plus years?

The answer to that question lies in the very reason for JFK’s assassination.  Just as President Dwight D. Eisenhower alerted the nation, the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) had grown into an entity that was completely out of control when JFK became president.  As soon as he saw the extent to which every aspect of society was molded in such a way so as to maintain the perpetual war economy, he soon realized there could not be, and would never be, peace on Earth.  This self-evident prophecy has been born out, with more and more testimony from across the planet, with each passing year.

So, then, how did we get here?

JFK’s assassination was actually a full blown, yet un-named, coup d’état.  It was carried out by those whose designs for the country were completely contrary to his Administration’s.  There were several initiatives which he were carrying out which called for unparalleled transparency and truly democratic participation.  Each of them posed a real threat to the existing global power structure.  In fact, the perceived danger to the establishment was so great that TPTB* proceeded to carry out a series of assassinations which ultimately came to define the entire decade of the 1960s.

In addition to the assassinations of Robert R. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, there were other enlightened souls and high beings whose lives were taken during the ’60s.  Each of them were being used by the Universe to carry out divine missions at the time of their deaths.  Some of them were quite valuable to JFK in the execution of his more sensitive duties and   For instance, Marilyn Monroe who was murdered in August of 1962, was known as Sasha in intelligence circles, was quite instrumental in helping him to defuse the Cuban Missile Crisis as a “very special agent”.

The ’60s brought the shocking deaths of others luminaries such as Clark Gable, Judy Garland and Sharon Tate, the latter two in 1969.  The Charles Manson murders were obvious for their intent to further shock the nation, particularly the manner and circumstances surrounding the pregnant Sharon Tate.  Needless to say, there was a deliberate plan afoot to dramatically alter the national mood (and consciousness) with these very public deaths of exceedingly popular people.

Whenever the collective consciousness of a nation is assaulted by so many traumas within a relatively short span of time, it becomes more amenable to external, foreign and/or  negative influences.  In this way the ’60s became a 10-year long crucible, especially coming right after the halcyon days of the 1950s.  However, the silver lining of that decade-long dark cloud proved to be a blessing that only the Highest Power could have bestowed.  How so?

The 1970s are known in certain circles as a time “When Heaven Came Down To Earth“.  Not only was the Generation Gap opening up wider than ever, the ’70s presented a highly conducive environment for a full blown spiritual revolution to take place.  The divide between the Depression-era parents and their Baby Boomer children was actually a very good sign.  It meant that for the first time in modern history a generation went out to find their own Truth … their own authentic spirituality.  In this unprecedented awakening can be found the true meaning of the extremely difficult personal trials and national tribulations undergone during the 60’s.

This generational phenomenon, when hippies from all over eagerly went both to the East and to the West in search of their Truth, can best be described as the collective embarkation of the spiritual journey.  After so many experienced their  ’60s-triggered “dark night of the soul” they became desperate to find the true meaning of life.  The societal PTSD experienced by so many in the wake of the traumatizing 1960s opened up hearts and minds everywhere.  That profound and pervasive trauma served to shatter concepts about the “American Dream” that were never questioned before; the values associated with the emerging Consumer Society were particularly re-examined.

We all know what occurred during the 70’s as a result of all this soul searching and truth seeking.  Health food stores and vegetarian restaurants, yoga and meditation, back-to-nature living and ashram hopping came into vogue.  This gradual transformation of society began to occur at the fringes, where it usually begins.  The more conspicuous its manifestation

Exactly who participated in the assassination conspiracy? 

As you all know, there are many theories advanced for who conducted my assassination.  To some degree, they all contain elements of the truth.  In the interest of covering up the actual plot in Dallas that was executed on November 22, 1963, the true perpetrators have thrown everyone else under the bus.  Now that I am on this side of the veil, it is so easy to see that all the usual suspects were in some way involved.  If they had nothing to do with the actual CIA execution plan, they were certainly involved in the massive coverup.  For that matter the ensuing conspiracy of silence became so deafening because so many parties had a vested interest to aggressively participate the multi-decade coverup.

At the end of the day, however, it really doesn’t matter who pulled the trigger(s), although I will discuss the many details later in this letter.  Suffice to say, there was already in place a huge and monolithic Military-Industrial Complex.  Not only did this essentially corporate entity have several layers of covert control and levels of hidden leadership way above and beyond the Pentagon & Company, even those key decision-makers in Washington, DC were completely out of sight.  Like I said, we’re talking about a vast conspiracy which had a rapacious vested interest in the perpetual war economy.

Which is precisely why I have taken to writing this “Open Letter”.

A perpetual war economy can only be sustained when the citizens of a country buy into it.  The United States of America is now viewed around the globe as an extremely aggressive military force for whom “might makes right“.  This accurate perception now predominates   amongst nations large and small, near and far, because it is true.  You — The American people — have allowed yourselves to be corralled into a pen of fear and cowardice.  Consequently, you seek to control the four corners of the world regardless of the means necessary to do so.

This predicament is quickly evolving into an untenable state of affairs.  The damage inflicted on both friends and foes alike has proven to be disastrous for the USA.  Likewise, each state of the union has suffered proportionately as has each US citizen.  From our vantage point, you are fast approaching a point of no return as a nation.  The karmic blowback associated with so much violent behavior being acted out daily on the international stage is reaching critical levels.  Do you not see it?

Do you not understand the ways of national destiny and personal karma, especially their often inextricable and sometimes mutually destructive entanglements?

Apparently not; hence, our desire to write this letter addressing only the most vital of these pressing matters.  But first we digress to how we got here … to this point of desperation.  Each of us was born into the context known as the United States of America.  The later the generation the more the society has devolved into a very confusing and somewhat chaotic state of affairs.







Many of you wonder how such a tragic happening could have occurred only by the will of God.  May I direct your attention to the entire decade of This tragedy was then followed by a succession of equally


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