NY Times Supports Theory of Trump’s Political Independence


Corvallis, Oregon
September 10, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Shortly after his victory in the 2016 election, I wrote an article
claiming that Donald Trump had essentially established my vision
of a new political party, independent of the two-party tyranny.

However imperfectly, and despite my continuing criticism of much
of his foreign policy, Trump has indeed gone far in maintaining his
wrecking-ball ways that did so much damage to both the Republican
establishment when he dispatched the Bush Dynasty as well as to the
Clinton/Obama Team that has dominated the Democrats.

Now the New York Times has said as much in a recent article that appears
to confirm my theory:

This dynamic has been a long time coming with Trump exploiting the
pervasive disgust and wide-spread mistrust of the political establishment.

As Doug Casey and others assert, the gross disparity between the 1%
and the rest has led to the death of the middle class that constitutes the
foundation of American society. http://revolutionradio.org/2017/09/09/doug-casey-parasites-feeding-off-the-middle-class-as-collapse-is-coming/

The failure of either mainstream faction to address this key grievance
led to the Tea Party Right and Occupy Left Movements in recent years.
That failure created the space for Ross Perot, Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders,
Pat Buchanan, Ralph Nader and ultimately Donald Trump, the showman
extraordinaire, who knew exactly what to do and say in order to win.

Hillary can keep yapping her sore-loser mouth blaming Bernie, the
Sexist-in-Chief, the Russians and everyone else but her lame self.
The truth is Trump ran an excellent campaign despite his many
weaknesses while she was damaged goods representing the
discredited status quo.

Had he chosen different cabinet members and done a better job
of adhering to his campaign promises, his early presidency would
have been far less dramatic.

By aping the triangulation approach of Bill Clinton in his recent
budget deal with the Democrats, Trump has shown his flexibility
and survival instincts. But his unpredictability is both a strength
and weakness that insures the coming years of his Administration
will remain a roller coaster ride. https://stonecoldtruth.com/its-a-roller-coaster-ride/

At this stage, it looks like the NY Times is correct in seeing him as
a political Independent in the ways I suggested months ago. But
the question remains as to whether he will be able to build on his
own legacy and sustain the momentum of transforming the country
in the direction his candidacy reflected.

Our nation is faced with deep divisions and serious problems now
magnified by violent storms, social unrest and talk of a new war with
North Korea.

Can this Independent garner the strength of character and wisdom
needed to deal with these multiple crises or will his alleged dilettante
status prevail to destroy both his presidency and the new populist
movement attached to his persona?

That is the question that will be answered in the months ahead. Like
I said, hold onto your hat: it’s a roller coaster ride!

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