Is there a long-term, geoengineering scheme to sever the USA via the NMSZ?


NMSZ = New Madrid Seismic Zone

*Graphic below depicts the peak ground acceleration throughout the NMSZ.

Comment submission by Moriyah Tobyahnah
Stat of the Nation

NEXRAD Doppler radar throughout the greater Houston/Galveston area

Over 100 electron beams at Houston alone in the last 48 hrs. Other cities receiving multitudes of electron beams include Brownsville, Corpus, Lake Charles, New Orleans and Mobile. No beams are visible at any Florida city.

The above link is valid for 3 days from the time posted. It contains 200 frames of visualized data from the last 32 hours of electron activity above Houston. It does not represent weather in this viewing;  only electrostatic anomalies which, conveniently for us, cannot be easily hidden. You can visit the COD home page and learn the process for accessing similar or other data from other Nexrad (Doppler radar) sites. You should note that this data is regularly scrubbed from the Intellicast system used by most meteorologists. Previously, too many weather reporters struggled to explain these anomalies to the general public. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN WEATHER MODIFICATION TO THE PUBLIC?

Why Houston?

The easiest way to hit the real target, the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NWSZ), is to go up the Mississippi; launching from Houston, which is a dead-end and a massive reservoir of warm water in their harbor, then chugging along to Lake Charles and then over to Lake Ponchartrain and thence North. It cannot effectively/massively hit New Madrid or Cairo without picking up warm water all along the way to maintain and gain strength. Otherwise it will always veer right against its counter-clockwise spin and die out while crossing dry land. They’ve tried it with innumerable Super Cells, Katrina, Harvey, now Irma and soon Jose. Over 10,000 people have already died in this extended exercise. 1,000,000 or more will die if this goes according to plan.

If Irma, or others, goes right up the Mississippi, it will not only have massive damaging wind power and endless rain to cause liquifaction of the earth, but also tremendous kinetic energy which is transferred to the ground and able to do what HAARP, DARPA, DOPPLER and other cohorts have failed to do; cause a mega-quake(s) at the heart of the USA completely paralyzing commerce for decades to come.  The inherent, absolute and irreparable damage would then result from Yellowstone exploding.

However, within this statement I would be remiss to not mention that 5 mins after the 8.2 of Mexico, there was a 5.0 in the Utah swarm ongoing. Everything is connected. If the NMSZ goes quaking, then it is likely California will also as they have been softening it up intensively with flooding for a year; and before that with 5 years of serious drought.

Oroville in the Central Valley and at Salton Sea are notable, but throughout California and elsewhere earthquakes are now 10 to 100 times normal of the last 90 yrs. All of this has been effected by using Electron Beams primarily with a little help from HAARP and the X37-B.[1] You can see those affectations and the effects at the above link and other related reference sites.

I have minimized the potential damage in this scenario; the reality is that hundreds of gas and oil pipelines, as well as thousands of electric lines, will be severed.  And at least a half a dozen nuclear plants will be in definite jeopardy.

Moriyah Tobyahnah
Stat of the Nation

HAARP uses microwaves to heat moisture whether in the ionosphere, on the surface of the planet or in the middle of the ocean. No, I did not say that they MAKE hurricanes but you can draw your own conclusions on that. There are portable HAARP devices for use from ships (like the SBX-1) or from space ships (like maybe the X37-B) or from trucks (like maybe ************ — Classified).

By themselves, they can do a lot including forced precipitation from any soil, even from desert sand. In conjunction with beams they can do a whole lot more.  Basically, Beams transmit electrons or protons or both at the same time using multiple beams, either positive protons or negative electrons, of energy transferred between various types of radar facilities. DOPPLER is most used in weather manipulation. Other agencies have various technologies used for a multitude of purposes including data and energy transmission. Huge amounts of both.

With Electron Beams the process is straight forward basic electro-magnetism. By attaching positive or negative charges to atoms in the atmosphere or ground elements the polarity charge of the target can be reversed, enhanced or diminished. In the case of a storm front it will be drawn to a negatively charged (for the most part) environment and repelled by a positive (for the most part).

Obviously affecting a hurricane is, to a large degree, much more challenging than affecting a single Super Cell or group of Super Cells. Nonetheless, the electron beams were the cause of the Alabama night of the Tornadoes which killed 600+, the Joplin Super Tornado which killed several thousand not admitted, Katrina which killed thousands, as well as innumerable other tornadoes and thunderstorms, floods, and hundreds of earthquakes.

If you think there is any natural weather anywhere on the planet, think again. If you watched the link video you saw many beams incoming from many directions. Each beam had a distant transmitter behind it. Since this technology is line of sight and over the horizon, you can track it back to its originating transmitter.

Russia and China have their own HAARP arrays as do many other countries. They have their own proton and electron generators also.


[1] Orbital HAARP Weaponry: USAF Redeploys X-37B In Gross Violation of WMD Treaty

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