Why The 2017 Hurricanes Will Help President Trump

Monmouth, Oregon
September 7, 2017

by Rich Scheck

The first seven months of Trump’s Administration have been wracked by controversy, scandal and missed opportunities. The chaos abroad and at home are reflected within his White House.

But Harvey and Irma (plus Jose and more?) have created a tremendous opportunity for him to assert his leadership and demonstrate his ability to be presidential.

The devastation of South Texas is soon to be followed by the ravaging of Florida, parts of Georgia, the Carolinas and likely more of that region if other storms like Jose add to the toll.

That would allow our incumbent to do the thing he claims to do best: build! Or in this case, rebuild to the tune of countless billions for destroyed homes, businesses, schools, roads and other infrastructures long in need of repair.

With the Democrats already showing a willingness to work with him on the budget, the Republicans will be forced to accept the expenditure of generous relief appropriations to avoid appearing heartless after such extensive wreckage and personal trauma.

Hopefully, Irma and the remaining storms of this extraordinary hurricane season will somehow weaken and do as little harm as possible. But it is clear at this point that the window has been opened for Trump and the federal government to step in boldly to give the economy a heavy dose of aid to offset the losses that now seem inevitable.

We will know soon enough how this will unfold and what the response of Congress and the President will be. My guess is that Trump will emerge from these storms as a more popular leader. Imagine him being able to join in commiserating with others who lost their homes if Mar-a-Lago is also hit hard.

That could help our Reality TV president in multiple ways, especially because he can change the subject from foreign wars, the alleged Russian election hacking, a weak economy and all the other issues to literally rebuilding America.

That is the perfect script for this beleaguered Chief Executive and may go far to help him survive his own series of political storms that have persisted for over two years. http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=83009

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