Bannon Vs Ivanka? Breitbart Suggests Ivanka is to Blame for Bannon’s Ouster

by Colby Hall | MEDIAITE


And so it begins!

Since officially leaving the White House role of Chief Strategist on FridaySteve Bannon has raised a lot of eyebrows. Within hours of news breaking of his departure, it was announced that Bannon would be returning to his role in running what he described as an “alt-Right haven” Breitbart.com.

The editors of Breitbart were reportedly thrilled with Bannon’s returnand very publicly called for a #WAR and going “thermonuclear” against the “globalists” behind Bannon’s departure.

After leaving the White House, Bannon has stirred the pot, notably saying that the “Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over,” and reportedly said that he was going to war for Trump against his opponents.

And so here we are. The current lead story — screen capped above — leads to an aggregated Daily Mail story that, as the headline claims,Ivanka Trump is taking credit for Bannon’s  ouster. The heart of that story:

Donald Trump’s controversial aide Steve Bannon was ‘pushed out’ by his daughter Ivanka and her husband because his far-Right views clashed with their Jewish faith, according to Washington sources.

Chief strategist Bannon, 63, helped orchestrate the US President’s stunning election victory but was vilified for his extreme opinions.

Many blamed him for Trump’s failure last week to condemn neo-Nazis after a violent rally in Virginia at which a woman was killed and dozens were injured.

First daughter Ivanka converted to Orthodox Judaism when she wed millionaire businessman Jared Kushner in 2009.

The couple have three children. A source said: ‘Jared and Ivanka helped push him out. They were concerned about how they were being viewed by the Jewish community.’

Interesting that this article appears to go out of it’s way to identify the religious beliefs of Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner. Critics have noted that the term “globalist” might be a code word for Jewish members of the White House staff. A recent Breitbart headline that focused

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If a renewed Bannon-led Breitbart is immediately targeting Ivanka Trump by highlighting an article that critics are sure to see as an unneeded reference to her religious beliefs, then this may be the tip of an iceberg looming for those left advising President Trump in the White House.


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