The Violent Left In America


Corvallis, Oregon
August 20, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Because of the Mainstream Media, many believe that it is the Right that is the main source of violence in America today. That may be true…………….but I seriously doubt it.

Much of what we see in places like Charlottesville and elsewhere is the response of the
disenfranchised “poor white trash” and other dissident groups who feel deeply threatened
by the economic imbalance, massive corruption and dramatic cultural changes that have
left them feeling dis-empowered.

Some of these groups are violence prone. But the majority are just angry like many on
the Left are angry with the state of affairs of our country. Many of these radicals are funded by the Deep State (it’s well-known that the FBI long ago infiltrated the KKK as well as the Communist Party) and serve as agent provocateurs intent on engaging in violence to
strengthen the media narrative that they are all a bunch of NAZIs.

Similarly, Soros-funded Leftists are eager to engage in similar behavior as we just
saw in Virginia and have seen repeatedly in an effort to make Trump look tolerant
of violence.

This is all part of the campaign to constrain, undermine and destroy his Administration.
One doesn’t have to like President Trump (I don’t) to see this is true or to be concerned
that this elaborate machination is dangerous to our country.

It saddens me deeply that so many well-meaning folks cannot “get” this. I understand
they are victims of media manipulation. But with the many alternative sources of
information to draw on, it is their responsibility to get it right and not be tricked into
supporting phony candidates and policies that curtail our civil liberties.

A brief review of today’s headlines illustrates the extent of recent and planned
violence by the Left. I strongly urge those interested in the truth and fairness as
well as the future of our Republic to carefully scan the material below to see what
I am talking about.


This is just a small sample I put together to support my point that the Left is
supporting civil unrest and violence in the name of Justice and Fairness in
ways that decent folks who identify with being Progressives or Democrats
should find abhorrent.

Their failure to speak out and condemn these behaviors while focusing only
on the alleged intolerance of those on the Right must be rectified now if there
is to be any hope of restoring harmony to our troubled nation.

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