Charlottesville exposed!

Yahoogroups Message from A.G.

Well, that’s his internet handle, anyway. Thomas Paine. He’s the spokesman for the American Intelligence Media. They have a web site if you want to hear more from them. Whoever Thomas really is, he seems to be very well informed.

It’s only a 32 minute video. No visuals, so you can do chores around the house while you listen. Clean the litter box. Look for coins under the sofa cushions. You can claim that you’re multi-tasking. It was, as Steve Pieczenik said, a staged event. Thomas explains that the event was Soros funded and Soros staged. He also tells us what the Fake News media is hiding. The violence came from the ones who were protesting the alt right rally. The Neo-Nazis carried weapons but not a shot was fired, although provocation abounded. The alt right group was trapped in a police arranged ambush and were attacked with rocks and bottles filled with vile stuff. One of my correspondents was there and he said that one of the alt right people was hit in the face with acid and is now partially blind. Try to find that story on Fake News. 

In the first few minutes, you’ll learn that Hillary Clinton was involved and that the governor of Virginia had planned to announce as a candidate in the 2020 election. Then his wife got caught doing something that blew that possibility away.

All that is within the first few minutes. If you hang on until about the ten minute mark, you’ll hear Thomas say what I’ve known for 50 years; the KKK and the Nazi group are all infiltrated by the feds. The video is information dense, so listen carefully.

Follow it up with a peek at this non-video website.

Granny Smith found this one. She’s so pretty. So intelligent. So far away. I probably will never meet her. She’s moving to Canada early next year. Canadians come from Canada. I thought you knew that! This web site says the event was a staged production, complete with crisis actors and fake blood. You decide. 

Please do scroll down the page and you’ll see a picture of David Duke in all his splendor and glory. Read the text below the picture and you’ll understand when I say when we take over, he’s one of the first in line for the gas chambers.

Speaking of crisis actors; the AIM video says that the crashed helicopter we heard about on Fake News may not really have happened. 




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