Deep State Oligarchs Poised To Launch WWIII!


Sedro-Woolley, WA
August 3, 2017

by Rich Scheck

The power elite of the Deep State are poised to launch WWIII:

This is really the same global conflagration (Cheney’s Long War) in an updated form to meet current circumstances. It’s new wine (Trump) in an old bottle (Greater Israel) that has the world on the brink of a possible nuclear Armageddon.

Virtually everything we see in the news is a distraction from the real agenda. That includes
the unending scandals surrounding Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC. The unsolved “murder” of Seth Rich may really be an elaborate psyop designed to deflect attention from the pervasive corruption and spying on the American public.

This may be a little over the top but captures what some believe is the a good summary of what is happening in Washington:

Webb has stated that he is himself part of the “old Mossad” and his goal is to oust the “new
Mossad” which has taken things too far with their organ harvesting, sex trading, arms dealing ratlines that he documents in his daily videos:

Whether or not he is the real deal, some form of disinformation, a limited hang-out/vacuum cleaner or combination of the above, we have clearly crossed the Rubicon because of his research which supplements the work of many others on the Internet.

The nearly unanimous passage of the Russia/Iran/North Korea/(EU) sanctions bill by Congress appears designed to force Trump to start a war in order to demonstrate he is still in charge and can’t be bossed around.

Is that what tonight’s pre-vacation announcement will be about? Stayed tune to see.

And with President Putin calling out Pope Francis for his political activism, can there be any doubt that all the drills and showing off of military hardware by the big powers in recent weeks are a prelude to a big chunk of them being used in an upcoming kinetic action, i. e. a shooting war!

The soon to be launched 21st Century Crusade goes well beyond 4 dimensional chess and will bring to life all those video game simulations with space weapons, AI robots, weather warfare, cyber attacks, and whatever else is hidden in the Oligarchs bag of futuristic weaponry.

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