OPERATION CYANIDE – An Israeli-American False Flag Operation Aimed At Egypt

USS Liberty – OPERATION CYANIDE – Incredible Disclosures of Israeli-American False Flag

A. True Ott

This BBC documentary on the USS Liberty attack BY EDOMITE ISRAEL in 1967 is incredible.   It is a must-watch, for if ever there was a “high crime” of treason against America – this was it!!!!!

As you watch this video, take note.  This was not an American-made documentary.   As a matter of fact, I seriously doubt that more than 5% of the American public have ever heard of the USS Liberty, let alone the story of the False-flag operation code-named “Operation Cyanide” that very nearly caused World War III.   Mission accomplished by the Edomite-controlled mainstream media -without a shadow of a doubt.

Here are the basics of “Operation Cyanide””.  1.  The plan was to torpedo and sink the USS Liberty and blame Egypt.  Everyone on board had to die in order for the LIE to succeed!    There could be no surviving witnesses.   2.  Egypt would immediately be attacked with NUCLEAR weapons in retaliation.   3.   The Soviet Union would then attack America in like manner.   4.  WW III would erupt.

As the documentary film shows, the USS Liberty was somehow able to miraculously overcome the sabotaged radio “jamming” and sent out a distress call to the American fleet.   It also miraculously survived a midship torpedo.  The boilers did not explode.  34 American sailors died – but it SHOULD have been 100% dead!   Jets armed with nuclear bombs were actually scrambled from the carrier USS America with orders to nuke Cairo.   Once Defense Secretary McNamara and Lying Bastard Johnson realized that the Liberty had not sunk, and that U.S. eyewitnesses were not only alive, but were actually communicating with other American ships, the U.S.  jets carrying the nukes were recalled to their carrier by direct orders from McNamara and Johnson.  Incredible!!!  No wonder the survivors were ordered to keep silent at all costs!  If America only knew the truth, ISRAEL could have been the one NUKED!

Notice that the Israeli jets that attacked the Liberty that bright. clear, June day were delta-wing Mirage aircraft – with no identifying marks.   It is clear that there was no “mistake” – this was deliberate and planned – without a doubt.  Listen to the Israelis DENY any malfeasance, even now.  This  is completely unacceptable and unforgivable.   Notice also the MOSSAD agents refusing to say a word about the incident 35 years later!  It is STILL “secret” to these despicable sub-human slime-bags!  Notice the intercepted communications between the Israeli jets and ground control – the shocked Israeli pilots confirmed the ship was American, and still they were ordered to attack!!!  Is there no justice or TRUTH left in America?

The biggest tragedy of this affair to me is the obvious conspiracy of silence by the U.S. Government in deference to the House of Rothschild and Tel Aviv’s criminal cartel.   Clearly, the hidden hand of the Edomite satanists could not be exposed, not ever.   With allies like Edomite “Israel”, who needs enemies???


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