WOW! Even Obama’s hatchet-man is going after the NYT.

David Axelrod Slams NYT’s ‘Snide’ Sean Spicer Editorial

David Axelrod (Getty Images)

By Todd Beamon

Former presidential adviser David Axelrod on Saturday slammed The New York Times for its “snide” editorial on Sean Spicer’s abrupt resignation Friday as White House press secretary, saying that “criticisms are fair but snarkiness makes it read like a hissy fit.”

Axelrod, who served under former President Barack Obama, took to Twitter:

In its editorial – titled “Sean Spicer, We’ll Always Have ‘Facts'” – the Times ripped Spicer’s tenure with sarcasm and patronage.

Here’s the first paragraph:

“Oh, Sean Spicer, our four-Pinocchio press secretary, is this the end? We know we are not supposed to ‘just yell out questions,’ but rather ‘raise our hands like big boys and girls,’ but is it really, truly over?”

It even took a dig at President Donald Trump’s decision to not allow Spicer, a devout Catholic, to meet Pope Francis on his trip to the Vatican in May.

The apparent snub reportedly outraged Spicer.

“How you defended Mr. Trump! … When you made the president angry, and he denied you an audience with the pope, you soldiered on,” the Times said.

It also jabbed at Spicer’s successor as communications director, hedge fund manager Anthony Scaramucci, referencing a nickname – “The Mooch” – from a report earlier this month in The New York Times Magazine and describing him as such

“A man with tailored suits. A financier. A Fox News contributor who also gets along with the ‘Fake News’ journalists.”

The editorial concluded: “Let’s not say goodbye. Let’s just say you have no further comment.”


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