O.J. Simpson Is Innocent, Most Likely Killer Identified, Families of Deceased Know the Truth

5 Reasons Why OJ’s Son Jason Likely Killed Nicole & Ron Goldman

By Robert Littal

Jason Simpson

Many years ago I heard a theory that OJ Simpson didn’t kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, but he was aware who did and helped cover it up.

That theory got more credence when a private investigator William C. Dear came out with this book.

OJ Book

After reading the book, my suspicious that I had for a long time were confirmed that it was OJ Simpson’s son Jason who was the real killer.

Here are 5 reasons why, but if you read the book there are at least 30 verifiable reasons why Jason was more likely the killer than OJ.

1- Ron Goldman fought for his life, OJ physically was breaking down and didn’t have any bruising on him.

Besides a small cut on his knuckle, OJ who was stripped naked by the LAPD had zero bruising on his body.

Ron Goldman was a 3rd degree black belt. He had defensive wounds on his hands and multiple bruising on his hands and arms from striking someone.

OJ’s knees and body had been ravaged by the NFL, it is unlikely he could have gotten into a full-fledged fight with Ron Goldman and had no bruising at all.

Flip the pages for more.

2- Jason Simpson had experience assaulting people with deadly weapons.

Jason had almost killed an ex-girlfriend with a knife, assaulted another girlfriend and came after his boss with a kitchen knife. He was trained in hand-to-hand combat as well as field knife training while attending the Army and Navy Academy. OJ also was squeamish around blood and there was a lot of blood at the scene.

3- Jason was off his antipsychotic meds at the time.

Jason Simpson Meds

Jason had been diagnosed with intermittent rage disorder which is commonly known as jekyll and hyde syndrome.

He had been known to blackout, hear voices and just go crazy at any time. He had been committed to the hospital several times. He was given medication to keep it under control, but had stop taking it months before the murders.

4- The physical evidence matches Jason more than OJ, but the LAPD never followed up.

Jason Simpson Dog

The cops found a knit cap with hairs from a black male and a dog. OJ didn’t have a dog and didn’t wear knit hats, but Jason had a dog and wore knit hats often. DNA was found under Nicole’s fingernails that didn’t match OJ’s, but they never tested it against Jason’s DNA.

In a storage locker a knife owned by Jason fit the knife that was used at the scene. The knife that the cops thought OJ used did not fit any of the wound patterns.

Jason Knife

The LAPD found 15 unknown fingerprints at the scene and none matched OJ, they never compared them to Jason Simpson known fingerprints.

Once the LAPD locked in on OJ they potentially missed opportunities to find the real killer.

5- Jason has no alibi and was upset at Nicole.

No one knows where Jason was during the time of the killings. His time card from his place of employment was handwritten even though the automatic machine was working. He was upset that Nicole didn’t come to his restaurant the day of the murder and by all accounts he had a love-hate relationship with his step-mother.

And the LAST and final thing if you need even more convincing. OJ hired a criminal defense lawyer for Jason four days after the murder, when OJ at the time was the only suspect.

This is all just a theory, but in my mind it points to Jason being a more likely suspect than OJ.


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