Isn’t it really the “Fake News Media Complex”?


WH’s Gorka: Trump Doesn’t Need ‘Fake News Industrial Complex’

By Todd Beamon

President Donald Trump has more than 100 million social media followers – so “we don’t need the politically driven mainstream media,” White House deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka told Newsmax TV on Thursday.

“He is right to call it fake news,” Gorka told “The Joe Pags Show” in an interview.

Slamming the press as “the fake news industrial complex,” Gorka continued, “that’s what it is.

“But you know what, it’s irrelevant – because CNN has been caught red-handed with his political agenda, with its promotion of what their own individuals call nothing burgers.

“The New York Times has had to cut its staff. CNN is up to five people who are making stories up.

“They are paying the cost of the American people realizing that when Donald Trump tweets about something, the president is providing them the truth,” Gorka told Pags.

“When they switch on things like CNN, or when they go to The Huffington Post, it is going to be propaganda.”

Turning to the Islamic State’s defeat in Mosul by U.S. and coalition forces, Gorka attributed it to Trump’s leadership.

“This administration has only been in office for 24 weeks – and under the leadership of the new commander-in-chief, Donald Trump, we have helped our Iraqi partners not only to liberate Mosul but as the prime minister [Haider al-Abadi] of Iraq, stated, the caliphate no longer exists.

“That didn’t happen in 24 months, mind you,” Gorka said. “It happened in 24 weeks.

“That is the reality. That is the difference that one election and leadership can make.”


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