Politicized Pope Pokes Putin and Trump


Custer, WA
July 9, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Pope Francis continues to provide the world with his views on
important political issues.

For some reason he believes it is “distorted” for Presidents Trump and
Putin to work together to solve crises in Syria, Ukraine and elsewhere.
Their warm handshake has caused him great concern that a “dangerous
alliance” has been formed. http://revolutionradio.org/?p=178955

Things are complicated enough without His Eminence putting his two
cents into the picture and possibly undermining peace efforts by these
two leaders. Their “dangerous alliance” is already on shaky grounds with
their attempt to end the fighting in Syria facing major obstacles.

Perhaps The Pontiff would be better served cleansing his own house which
seems to some observers to be dominated by pedophiles! Instead he has
turned the Vatican’s spotlight on their peace efforts without providing a viable
alternative of his own.

Moreover, his views on Man Made Global Warming and Climate Change
remain highly controversial. With evidence pointing to manipulated data
by grant-seeking scientists and a theoretical foundation fostered by alleged
eugenicist Hans Schellnhuber, his claims to political expertise leave much
to be desired and seem dubious at best.

While one can applaud his concern for the plight of the immigrants, one
would prefer he focus on the cause of the crisis: wars by the West based
on lies that resemble the Crusades. Much wealth from the Levant was
plundered then as the oil riches of today are consumed by modern invaders.
Surely Francis realizes that the quickest way to help the displaced is to stop
the wars that have led them to flee their homeland.

His heart might be in the right place but we all know that good intentions can
cause huge problems. Just ask the Neocons and advocates of humanitarian
intervention how things are going in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria after
more than 15 years of fighting, countless deaths and an estimated cost of
$6 Trillion to American taxpayers that has been wasted on these war.

The Pope’s remarks are not as mindless as the actions of those rioting anarchists
in Hamburg. But he needs to step back a little and give these imperfect and
beleaguered men a chance to make progress during these perilous times.

I invite the Pope to stick to religion for a while while leaving the difficult matters of
policy to the politicians. America and Russia may indeed have “a distorted vision
of the world” but it is far from clear his is much better.

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