The Nuclear Monitor Publishes Their Latest Report


Dear readers of the WISE/NIRS Nuclear Monitor,

In this issue of the Monitor:

• A short report on the remarkable 50,000-strong ‘human chain’ protest in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, on June 25.

• A half-year report card on the nuclear power industry ‒ it is shaping up to be one of its worst ever years along with 1986 (Chernobyl) and 2011 (Fukushima).

• Vladimir Slivyak writes about the efforts of Russia’s Rosatom to rebrand itself as a climate champion.

• A review of the plan to turn South Australia into the world’s nuclear waste dump; the plan can now be officially declared dead.

 The Nuclear News section has reports on the UN nuclear weapons ban treaty negotiations; Urenco’s willingness to provide nuclear fuel to reactors in the US producing tritium for weapons; a useful Laka Foundation project listing all the accidents recorded by the IAEA since 1990 (the IAEA removes public records after one year); a bizarre plan by ‘pro-nuclear environmentalists’ to promote nuclear power in North Korea; and more.

Feel free to contact us if you have feedback on this issue of the Monitor, or if there are topics you would like to see covered in future issues.

Regards from the editorial team.


Continue reading here: Nuclear Monitor 


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