US War Crimes In Syria, Iraq and Yemen


Ferndale, WA
June 18, 2017

by Rich Scheck

President Trump continues the failed Neocon policies of his predecessors
in the Middle East.

Having promised during the campaign to forego regime change interventions
and boots on the ground, he has reversed himself and therefore is fully complicit
in the war crimes our nation is perpetuating throughout the region.

One does not have to be a socialist to agree with the following analysis:

The lack of a genuine anti-war movement is deeply troubling especially as the
Left has almost completely abandoned that role in American politics. The failure
of Bernie Sanders to articulate an authentic sense of outrage at our military
excesses and imperial ways contributed to his defeat against Hawk Hillary.

The situation in Yemen is particularly egregious and warrants international
condemnation of Saudi Arabia as well as Trump and the US for their support of
their atrocities against the hapless people and children of that beleaguered country.

Hopefully the Senate will step up and oppose the arms sale to Riyadh that
the president negotiated during his recent visit to the Middle East.

One indication of the triumph of the National Security State is its ability to
keep the public oblivious to what is done by their government, in their name,
with their children (soldiers) and their precious tax dollars.

Trump apologists like Roger Stone must dig deep within their souls and
finally demand of their erstwhile leader that he take responsibility for this
misguided course of action.

Their champion has reneged on his pledges and embarked on a war path
of escalation that holds no hope of success and the high prospect of further
damage to the fragile relationship with Russia.

It is incumbent on those who support President Trump and oppose the budding
insanity of the Left to insist he embrace the non-interventionist approach that
helped him capture the White House. We must back away from the Deep State
approach to world hegemony that has caused so much grief to our nation and the

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