America ‘In a Civil War’


By Jason Devaney

Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman spoke about the Wednesday morning shooting at a congressional baseball practice and said the country “is in a civil war” during an interview with Newsmax TV.

Klayman appeared on “Newsmax Now” and told host Miranda Khan he is deeply troubled by the shooting that left four people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, wounded. Police shot and killed the shooter.

“My first reaction was relief. Thank God no one was killed. I pray for the people that were injured. That they’ll pull through,” Klayman said. “I understand Rep. Scalise was in critical condition earlier today. I hope he’s out of that by now.”

Klayman then steered the conversion to a political one.

“This is part and parcel to the hatred that’s been whipped up against Trump,” he said. “Nancy Pelosi came out there and congratulated the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and said great we’re all coming together, [singing] Kumbaya, but just a few weeks ago she was at a rally in California in Sacramento where the then-head of the Democratic Party in California was screaming ‘F President Trump,’ and she was laughing and carrying on. They have brought this kind of hatred forward and they’re largely responsible for what’s happening because this is a green light.

“It’s giving people the means to express themselves in this violent way and it’s very, very dangerous and we can see that the country is in a civil war right now. I advocate peaceful revolution.

“I want to bring this country back to the vision of the founding fathers. It’s far from that right now.”


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