Escalation: Qatar and Trump’s War Against Iran!


Vancouver, WA
June 12, 2017

by Rich Scheck

President Trump has spent a lot of time and energy talking about Iran’s complicity in terrorism in the troubled Middle East.

Only the insouciant American public and his Main Stream Media co-conspirators accept this mislabeling. They know that the real agenda remains regime change in Syria and war with Iran unless it caves in to US (i. e. Saudi, i. e. Israeli) demands.

So the unfolding crisis in Qatar that has followed Trump’s recent visit to Riaydh and the discussion of an Arab NATO is part of the broader plan to cement the new Saudi/Israeli alliance devised by Bibi and the Neocons with the help of Jared Kushner.

The real agenda is clear: Greater Israel; higher oil prices to ensure the survival of the Saudi Royals; the demise of Assad; confrontation with Russia unless they submit to Trump’s will; and an escalation of tensions leading up to war as a last resort.

Qatar is being forced into Iran’s arms which means the battle lines are growing sharper. How last week’s election in the UK will impact all this depends on whether Prime Minister May is ousted as well as if her replacement (Jeremy Corbyn?) can sever the entrenched links and arms shipments by the Brits to their willing Arab buyers.

The over-all situation continues to deteriorate. More wars and discord are on the way! Treachery is the hallmark of our times!

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