Trump vs. Iran


Woodland, WA
June 7, 2017

by Rich Scheck

President Trump signaled his embrace of Israel’s desire to increase the
isolation of Iran during his recent trip to the Middle East.

His large arms sale to Saudi Arabia combined with the formation
of the Arab NATO to “fight terrorism” along with the demonization of
Iran has been followed by the effort to punish Qatar for saying nice
things about Iran and today’s attacks in Iran on the parliament and
Khomeini’s shrine:

These escalations represent a serious increase in regional tensions
and portend the continuation of Neocon policies under this new
Administration rather than the changes promised during Trump’s
presidential campaign.

With Trump himself taking credit for the Qatar-GCC split, there can be
little doubt what the real agenda is or if his declared intention to avoid
the perils of regime change interventions has been abandoned.

And with the US launching more air strikes on Assad’s forces in Syria,
it is clear that Trump is an agent of the Deep State what ever his level of
understanding of the dynamics involved.

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