Donald of Arabia and the Continuing Cover-up of 9/11


Mountain View, CA
May 22, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Some folks are paying attention and asking the right questions such as why is
Trump selling hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia instead
of holding them accountable for their apparent role in 9/11!

As Justin Raimondo and others have pointed out, this was a truly “disgusting
spectacle” replete with a symbolic sword dance and the lighting of a Satanic
Ball of high technology to fight global terrorism:

With Trump bowing to the Saudi King and accepting a title of honor from the ruler
of that savage nation, one has to wonder about the true agenda of the man who
promised to put America First.

The answer may lie in his appearance at the Wailing Wall earlier today surrounded
by the ultra-Zionists bent on using the new “Arab NATO” against Iran to insure the
success of Greater Israel’s domination in the region.

With Jared Kushner and his best pal Bibi Netanyahu soaking it in, Trump has all but
sealed this HUGE DEAL for those to whom he is truly loyal!

Iran refuses to be intimidated by Trump’s blather and lying because it knows full
well the true source of terror in the region. US allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel!

The really sad part of this charade is the Democrats are themselves fully enmeshed
in their own saga of corruption starting with the murder of Seth Rich who seems to
be the source of the DNC leaks outing Hillary’s theft of the nomination from Sanders.

Thank God at least there is one sane Democrat who is willing to speak truth to power
with Tulsi Gabbard reminding us Emperor Trump really has no clothes and is providing
the murderers of Yemeni children with more means to continue the slaughter.

Perhaps enough folks will wake up in the coming days to see someone with her level
of courage and integrity replace the corrupt denizens who now dominate the leadership
of both political parties!

As Ron Paul reminds us, rather than drain the DC swamp, our new president has merely
replaced the former proponents of US global hegemony with a different cast of characters
articulating the same tired Neocon rhetoric of more war:

The only good news in all of this is the clarity emerging from the new Administration:
their agenda is evident for all willing to open their eyes to see. Instead of a new 9/11
investigation and an attempt to hold accountable those responsible, Trump is generously
rewarding the apparent perpetrators of terror and providing them with a cover-up while pointing
the finger at others who are far more innocent such as Iran, Syria and Russia.

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