Two U.S. Senators state there’s no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia


Dianne Feinstein & Joe Manchin admit: No evidence of Trump/Russia collusion

By Robert LaurieCanada Free Press

Democrats are desperate to show something – anything – that proves a link between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Russians. Every single left-wing media outlet has been focused on it while Dem-friendly surrogates, donors, and PACs have been searching for it. Democrat politicians, many with access to highly classified material, have made the accusations but still, to this day, there is simply no proof it ever happened.

That doesn’t stop them from getting in front of a camera and yakking about it, though.  “Russian hackers” somehow “interfered” with Hillary’s rightful ascension, and that cannot be tolerated.

Enter Dianne Feinstein.  Last week, she was on Wolf Blitzer’s show.  There, she was asked directly if she had any proof to support the left-wing conspiracy theories.

…She does not.

Again, it doesn’t sound like they have anything

Well, that was blunt. Feinstein is the former chair of the Senate Intel Committee, so you can bet if there were rumblings of evidence she would know about it.

Sorry, Wolf. We know you were looking for a different reply. Hope you enjoyed dancing at the Democrat’s National Convention though.

Not content to let the matter lie, Joe Manchin got the same question on this weekend’s installment of Face the Nation.  Again, he’s a member of the Senate Intel Committee.

Again, it doesn’t sound like they have anything.

Put another tick in the “disappointed journalist” column

For the record, the important part of that (somewhat rambling) answer was:

“There’s nothing there from that standpoint that we’ve seen directly linking our President to any of that.”

Put another tick in the “disappointed journalist” column.

Look, the essential point here is that Democrats – and their media allies – love this game.  Since they know they have no evidence of collusion, no legitimate accuser, and no proof that Russia even impacted the election, the question itself becomes the accusation.

I’ve seen a few Democrats defend the “just asking” course of action by claiming conservatives did the same thing with Benghazi, but that’s simply not true.  In that case, there was direct evidence of a top-level lie about the YouTube video, accusations of stand-down orders made by people on the ground who were willing to come forward, four dead Americans, and a lost consulate.  There were demonstrable lies, very public accusers, and a quantifiable impact.

Here, we have nothing but innuendo. …And even that’s failing.


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