Andrew Breitbart & Michael Cormier: The Back Story of their Mysterious Deaths



If you like proving mainstream media wrong about conspiracy theories, this is the case for you.


In March and April of 2012, two American patriots were taken from us. One from ‘natural causes,’ and the other from arsenic poisoning. The names of these individuals will forever be connected through history. Andrew Breitbart passed away on March 1st, 2012 and Michael Cormier, an LA Coroner’s Technician died on April 20, 2012.  How are these two men connected?

I found new evidence in December of 2016 that contradicts statements made by the LAPD and the LA Coroner’s office in regards to Michael Cormier’s association on an autopsy he conducted on Andrew Breitbart.   A source close to Michael provided me with a toe-tag from the private autopsy on Breitbart, emails that prove evidence was destroyed and eyewitness statements about the day that Michael performed the procedure.


If you like proving mainstream media wrong about conspiracy theories, this is the case for you.  Some people may have doubts on how or why Project Astral was successful in discovering this evidence; we contacted individuals connected to the case and established a connection with a close associate of Michael Cormier.  Before I found the source within the case, an EX-FBI agent and Lawyer both turned down the information due to the overwhelming evidence involved.  I’m not afraid to stand for a movement… this movement will establish dominion and structure on and for the advancement of the American people.  My investigations at Project Astral are top-notch and rival those of any other investigative journalist.

WE HAVE THE PROOF, FOLKS.  The evidence no one will bring attention to.  How can a 43-year-old-man flat-line while walking down the sidewalk, right when he announced revelations about President Obama weeks earlier?   How can Andrew Breitbart’s coroner be killed by inorganic arsenic over the course of a week and then his stomach contents destroyed before it could be tested?  How can the LAPD and LA Coroner’s office deny that Michael had a connection to BreitbartHow can the toxicologist on the Breitbart autopsy also be the same individual who destroyed stomach contents in the case of Michael Cormier?  And guess what?  That’s just the tip of the iceberg.


In the book (120 pages) “The Breitbart Coroner,” Michael’s experience and ability to work on private autopsies will be described in full detail.  Although Michael Cormier wasn’t an official Los Angeles Coroner, he was licensed as a Technician II and performed autopsies with a Dr. David Posey on a regular basis.  We have eyewitness statements and evidence to prove Michael Cormier performed the private autopsy and was in the room with Breitbart’s body alone for the majority of the procedure.  Dr. Posey simply signed off on the autopsy report.  Aside from what’s been published on our site; here are a few details of what you can expect.

  • An eyewitness statement about the interactions of the LA Coroner’s office. We have someone who interned at the office with Michael Cormier.
  • The autopsy reports of both Breitbart and Cormier will be overlooked by a certified Doctor, and we will present their findings. This also includes the reasoning behind “cyanide” being tested in the Breitbart autopsy and what Michael possibly found in his findings of the private autopsy.
  • Our source for the toe tag and leaked emails will reveal their identity and tell their story for the first time ever.
  • The smoking gun. The last piece of evidence will blow the investigation wide open. We have a connection to the case that will confirm discrepancies in the Breitbart investigation and will give insight on the hierarchy of orders given to the various departments on the night Andrew died.
  • We will present a theory on what we believe happened to Michael Cormier and why he was killed.

Our investigation into Andrew Breitbart and Michael Cormier uncovered evidence connecting the two, despite reports from the LA Coroner’s Office denying Michael conducted on an autopsy of Breitbart. Here’s more insight on the Lab results and the backlog plaguing the LA Coroner’s Office.

We can get the book finished for the minimum of $5,000.  The more we raise, the more opportunities arise for us.  If we get $10,000+ then we will start to assemble a documentary based on the EBook.  I’d like to get notable actors or more exposure for the case. I have a background in film and screenwriting.  I want to reenact Breitbart’s last moments and interview forensic doctors and coroners who can give more information/expertise on the autopsy results and connections to recorded cases of potassium cyanide deaths.

The EBook will be finished in August and released first exclusively to our pledges!

With each passing moment, the case uncovers new clues, time and research funds are needed to proceed with a full-fledged investigation into not only the misconduct in Michael Cormier’s case but Andrew Breitbart’s as well.  If you feel an injustice has been done to a political/news icon and an innocent family man from the LA Coroner’s office, then please contribute and help us bring answers to Michael’s grieving family and Breitbart’s grieving fans across the nation.  I have attempted multiple avenues on getting this information more exposure,  I’ve been turned down by book publishers, agents, news stations and conspiracy hosts; no one will touch the truth once it’s on their doorsteps.

Will you help us get the truth out?

                  OUR ARTICLES

The Breitbart Coroner (Michael Cormier) Part I – The Toe Tag

The Breitbart Coroner (Michael Cormier) Part II – The Emails

The Breitbart Coroner (Michael Cormier) Part III – The Theories

Andrew Breitbart (The Breitbart Coroner Autopsy UPDATE)


  • Never before seen photos of Michael Cormier.

Michael Cormier and Jermaine Jackson (wouldn’t you love to know the story behind his photo, taken after Michael Jackson’s autopsy?)



Global uncertainties of the 1940’s brought together families in a fashion unseen since the fight for American independence.  World War II dominated news headlines and affected the social spectrum on a daily basis; with the end of the war, the reestablishment of the American dream became the new mission.  Returning soldiers created what we know as the ‘baby boom,’ and a new generation of Americans was born.  One of these Americans had a destiny that manifested on June 7th, 1950, born to a Charlene and Arthur Cormier.  They named their child Michael; he was the first of eight children, next was Ed, Gary, Tim, Regina, Andy, Mary Ann and Martha.

The Cormier family was settled in Maine when Michael started grade school.  He demonstrated a shy and fainthearted demeanor as a boy; a pacifist who admired his surroundings with extensive detail.  An altercation with a bully from across the street would change his perspective.  Michael encountered the boy while on his way from school one evening; the bully teased and hit Michael in the eye, knocking him to the ground.  Immediately, Michael’s father noticed something was wrong; he told him: “At times, we all have to defend ourselves, even if we get the worst of it.  I want you to go back and face him and do the best you can.”




Conspiracy Box

You receive a ‘conspiracy box’ of information similar to what Project Astral obtained from our Source.  Intrigued with conspiracies? allows you to engage with the investigations!  The “Conspiracy Box” comes packed with lamented crime photos, research material and new evidence that investigators have discovered in our current case.

This box includes rare photos from the case of Michael Cormier. A lamented copy of Andrew Breitbart’s toe tag.  Exclusive research material and evidence.  A Breitbart Coroner T-Shirt and much more!

Risks and challenges

We will prevail over any obstacles and hope to reach our goal; if somehow we don’t, we will continue to research and bring exposure to this case in other ways.

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