Nothing Else Matters!

Healdsburg, CA
May 5, 2017

by Rich Scheck

When all is said and done, nothing else matters:

Gay marriage; medical marijuana; equal justice; illegal immigration: all these issues are
of minor importance for me compared to stopping the illegal wars our country fights all
over the planet!

In a Bernie Sanders world led by progressives, we would have low cost health care; free
higher education; a decent minimum wage; a healthy environment and endless wars of

In a John McCain/Hillary Clinton world led by Neocons, we would have the same endless
wars of military intervention for regime change plus the same national security state that
currently rules Washington no matter which party is in power.

Although Trump promised to be different, he has quickly morphed into what he claimed
to be against.

What combination of factors will it take to stop the domination of the military-industrial-
complex that Ike warned about which has undermined our once great Republic?

Peace is the answer! How to achieve it remains as elusive as ever.

That is the only significant political question at this time: nothing else matters!!

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