The difference between a Trumpster and an Obamabot


by Mia fio

‘UNLIKE’ the far lefts libs, Trump Supporters will have NO problem turning on him if they were deceived by him. The Left would hold their ground, no matter what. It is they who disgraced the U.S. with all they have done, and to try and shut up all those who disagree with them. It is They who have shown the rest of the world that they have absolutely NO respect for our White House. In our own family home, we were raised to keep what went on in our home, in our home. And even if we weren’t talking to, or didn’t like one of our family members, when asked out in the street.. we would simply say, “oh they’re good!” I know this may seem it has absolutely nothing to do with what Josh is telling us here, but in a way it does. We the Conservatives of this country voted for Trump in all good conscience and with no ulterior motive in regards to the Left. We voted as we believed and with all good consciousness, Simple. And even if we, the conservative might not always agree on different policies, we will talk, debate, and even disagree, civilly. However, If we find that our President deceived us, I for one will have no problem saying just that! That we were deceived! We will make our voices heard much louder than when we were campaigning, for him! This will have nothing to do with pride. We’re watching, were listening……. I’d like to know if the same could be said for the Left. NOT. They would let this country go to hell and back before they ever admitted they were wrong, about anything, or anyone.

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