Is Donald J. Trump the first Jewish POTUS?

Who hasn’t heard by now that:

George H.W. Bush was the first president to announce the New World Order (He did.)

Bill Clinton was the first black president? (He wasn’t.)

Barack Obama was the first gay president? (He probably was.)

George W. Bush was the first unelected president? (He was.)

Donald Trump is the first Jewish president? (He appears to be.)

Must Watch: Donald Trump Is The First Jewish President (Video)

Key Points:
Cryto Jews populate the social stratosphere in societies around the globe.

Crypto Jews occupy powerful political posts and governmental offices throughout the world.

Cryto Jews hold key economic/financial positions in government and commerce in the G20 nations.

Cryto Jews are presidents/CEOs and board directors of many Fortune 1000 companies.

Cryto Jews head major university and research institutions on every continent.

Why is the Trump administration staffed with so many Zionists Jews? (Video)

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