No More Pretense: Rothschild DEMANDS West Invade Syria!


Thousand Oaks, CA
April 11, 2017

by Rich Scheck

The desperate Globalists are pulling out all the stops in the rush to war!

Now, even the normally low-key Evelyn Rothschild has come forward to
articulate the family dream for a Greater Israel which now includes the
West invading Syria.

This is not a suggestion or request: it is a demand! Who is he to urge
such a show of force against the hapless Syrian people? Only the head
of the world’s leading banking family that has ruled the roost for over two
hundred years, often financing both sides of a conflict.

Congress and the Media are on board to implement Pax Americana.
This new false flag/fake news sarin gas attack has conveniently provided
the pretext to take down President Assad and achieve regime change…….
just as Rothschild and his ilk demand!

It is Donald Trump’s 9/11 and he is all in just like Bush was after the
attacks in New York and Washington in 2001!

The Democratic wing of the War Party that expected Hillary to be in the
White House instead of Trump is ecstatic. They are feeling so sure of
themselves that they are threatening to expel from Congress one of the
few brave souls willing to speak truth to power by challenging the official
narrative. I am talking about Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard!

Howard Dean and a spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton have called for her
to be voted out of Congress. Is Bernie Sanders on their list, too, since
he has finally stood up and questioned the wisdom of another presidential
war even though he feels comfortable calling Assad a war criminal?

Pat Buchanan asks if Trump is enlisting in the War Party?

It is hard to come to any other conclusion after his hasty and reckless
escalation of hostilities when he bombed Syria last week in what many
experienced professional intelligence people think was a mistake risking
an unnecessary war with Russia.

But with Rothschild and many others including NeoCon hawks from both major
parties demanding war, it looks like Trump has crossed one Rubicon and is
eager to cross a few more.

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