Child Protective Services Violate Public Trust; Judges Rule Against Children’s Welfare

Saving Jonah 

Is Your Child at Risk for Court Licensed Torture and Sex Trafficking?

by Citizens For Child Welfare And Protection

From Lexi Dillon to Jonah Rief, American kids are being sex trafficked out of the United States to rich buyers in foreign lands. This is a multi-billion dollar business and those leaders charged with protecting our children have failed to do their jobs. Shockingly, American judges routinely open the doors to trafficking of the youngest most innocent American children.

In the case of Lexi Dillon, the Tustin Police could not stop a corrupt Orange County Judge James L. Waltz  and his successor from handing her over to a man experts insisted had repeatedly sodomized and raped the girl.  The evidence of sodomy and rape was clear and supported by medical evidence, by doctors records, by psychological reports and by the police investigation.  Judge Glenn Salter announced that lifting the travel ban would be tantamount to putting Lexi into sex slavery in Thailand prior to Salter, himself, lifting the travel ban and ordering the girl sent out of the country to her foreign abuser who is not allowed back into the country.

To prevent the mother from locating the girl and stopping her removal from the U.S, it appears that the sex- trafficking operation is being diverted through Napa County, CA.  Lexi’s Tustin apartment was secretly vacated some time back in violation of court orders and it is now believed that Judge Salter, in supporting the man the police say raped and sodomized Lexi, now nine years old, he was following the orders of Judge Waltz.

In the case of Jonah Rief, it was learned that you do not have to be related to a child to acquire court-sanctioned power to sell that child in the international child sex slavery market.  Without any legitimate evidence of being in any way related to Jonah Rief, Brian Sullivan, also known by many other names, got San Diego Judge Gregory Pollack to issue a new birth certificate with Sullivan listed as the father. But San Diego did not have jurisdiction as Jonah was not a San Diego child, or California-acknowledged child of Sullivan, when Pollack issued his orders.  Jonah was an Alabama boy, and Alabama, not California, had jurisdiction over the boy.

Alabama officially declared that Tammy Rief was Jonah’s only provable parent.  Expanding his unlawful orders, Pollack went further and punished Tammy for not violating an Alabama order prohibiting her from bringing the boy to California and from turning him over to Sullivan.   Alabama had issued a protective order against Sullivan.  Among the grounds for the order were misleading videos Sullivan had uploaded to the Internet that appeared aimed at soliciting help in abducting Jonah from his mother and grandparents.

Just because your state might try to protect you and your child from a stalker doesn’t mean that another state like California won’t grant the stalker parental rights and have you hauled away and locked up for trying to protect your child.   It’s not legal, but California judges sometimes appear to operate under the belief that they are above the U.S. Constitution and state statutes.

According to verified accounts, Jonah was subjected to Satanic rituals by Sullivan, forced to drink blood and was sodomized prior to being given to his court-empowered abductor/abuser.   As with Lexi Dillon, naked pictures were taken and uploaded onto the abuser’s computer.  According to FBI experts on child sex trafficking, this is part of the preparation for the sale of children into the foreign sex slave trade.  Sure enough, Gregory Pollack issued an order allowing the removal of Jonah from the United States on February 25, 2013.  The Australian Government sent out a notice that that Jonah was flown to Australia the next day (February 26, 2013), but his whereabouts since then are unknown.  He has not been seen in over a year.

Jonah and his family needs your help.  The average life expectancy for a foreign sex slave is six years.  Jonah is currently six years old and might not live to see his twelfth birthday if not saved from a life of forced child sex.  In whatever country you are reading this, look for Jonah. It is not known under what name he is being held as Sullivan has been known to use many aliases.  However, it is believed that Sullivan changed Jonah’s last name and also may have even changed his first name. Jonah not only recounted incidents of sodomy to the police, he also recounted beatings when he refused to accept the abuser’s claims that he was his father.  See the report at that link.

Current Status: The police failed to save Jonah and now he is a prisoner with no way home.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 3.04.18 PM

Following are pictures of Jonah. Study them as his appearance has likely changed.  Please, help save him.   Nobody in America is immune from having their children removed and forced into  court-sponsored child sex.   This multi-billion dollar industry needs children for the money a child could net in the international child sex slave markets.

If a California judge could issue an order to grab a child from Alabama and issue a false birth certificate granting parentage to an abuser without any real evidence of paternity, then the Rief tragedy sets a precedent for any out of state judge to grant some child molester parental rights to your child.  In saving Jonah, we are making a dent in a system that could one day whisk away any other child in America.

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If you see Jonah, post your information at Safe Kids International, a key organization that is working to save America’s children.


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