Looting Resumes In Ferguson; Local Police Ordered To Stand Down


Looting Resumes In Ferguson; Local Police Ordered To Stand Down


After a day of relative peace, things turned ugly again in Ferguson when shortly after midnight crowds again resorted to looting and vandalism in multiple businesses along West Florissant Ave with the focal point being the QuikTrip convenience store which Mike Brown allegedly robbed. The incidents seemed to gather steam after 12:00am.

According to KTVI, at least 200 St. Louis County Police officers were on scene and helping handle the situation. They confirm the Domino’s Pizza on West Florissant was set fire and burned. They also confirm multiple businesses vandalized and looted. But the shocker happened when county Police told Fox 2 News that its officers were at the Ferguson Market earlier when looters showed up, but were ordered to “Stand down” by Missouri State Highway Patrol incident commanders at the scene and basically withdrew and allowed the looters to have their way with the store.


So if the cops won’t protect, then vigilante justice is inevitable:

In other words, first appeasement in the international arena, and now, domestically. Is it surprising then that increasingly the death of Mike Brown appears to merely be a pretext for even more looting? One does wonder just where and why the order to replace the local police with a highway patrol presence came in the first place.

As KFTI further, reports, the Missouri Highway Patrol continues to have incident command at the scene. A spokesman said they are gathering information and plan a news conference later this morning. They did not have any solid information about damage, arrests, or injuries.

As of this morning the looting activity seems to have quieted, but local media outlets report live pictures of cars racing down West Florissant and driving erratic. Furthermore, after being told to stand aside, a strong police presence appears to be returning and moving down West Florissant and standing off with some protestors.

And just in case Ukraine wants some pointers on what “evidence” means, here is photographic and video proof of the overnight events.

Meanwhile, the entire world is watching: So to summarize: the revolution may not be televised, but the looting will sure be tweeted.

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