Michigan Citizens Make HUGE Stand, Sue City To Halt Construction Of Mosque For Amazing Reason


by Allison Hillman
Conservative Daily Post

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These refugees left the Middle East for a reason, they don’t want to experience that oppression in America

The city of Sterling Heights already has 2 mosques. In a city whose population is approximately 132,000, that is significant. The whole town is only 40 square miles so space is limited.

That was one reason that the city planning commission voted unanimously in September 2015 to deny a permit for another. The American Islamic Community Center (AICC) had applied but the proposed area was deemed incompatible with a commercial building. The residential neighborhood had too much traffic and too little parking for the mosque.

Detroit has been a popular area for Muslim immigrants. Even in 2010, the last census year, Detroit had about 80% of Michigan’s 300,000 Middle Eastern residents. Roughly 25 miles away, Sterling Heights attracts many of Detroit’s migrants; they make up about 4% of the smaller city’s population.

The denial did not resonate well with the AICC and they took immediate action. In December of 2015, the group sued the city.

In a clear demonstration of government overreaching, the Obama Justice Department joined in the lawsuit. They raised the stakes, claiming the rejection was actually due to the city caving to anti-Muslim bigotry from citizens.

The attorney for the mosque developers had a different story. They announced that there was never any opposition. The called the city statements, that there were objections, fake. That accusation is not realistic. Most of the Middle Eastern residents in Sterling Heights are Christians who fled the Middle East in search of religious freedom.

The residents of Sterling Heights were clearly documented as speaking out against the mosque. Some protested over religious reasons, some because the neighborhood did not want the commercial building. The Christians refugees wanted to maintain the safety they had found in their new homes. Whatever the reason, the results were obvious.

The citizens were not heard and the city’s decision could not hold up to the pressure. The mosque developers had found a powerful ally in the Justice Department. After 2 years of struggling to maintain their ground, the city caved. The mosque will be built.

City Councilman Doug Skrzyniarz announced to the meeting the alleged primary reason for the change.

“We have reduced our financial risk and we’ve been able to have input on what the actual development is going to contain.”

That explanation alone would have been reasonable. The almost unending financial resources of the federal government would have drained the city coffers. However, a video of the meeting discloses a far more sinister explanation. Overlooked by even the local media, the councilman’s ending remarks shocked some.

“This isn’t new. This isn’t like, the first time something like this has ever happened in the United States of America. This isn’t the first time something like this has ever happened in North America. This isn’t the first time this has ever happened in the world. This is the history humanity. Religious wars are the first wars we’ve ever had in society.”

This week, the residents of Sterling Heights decided to fight back. On behalf of seven citizens in the largely Christian neighborhood, the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) entered a lawsuit. The suit names the City of Sterling Heights and Mayor Michael C. Taylor as defendants and was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

Members of the community told reporters the reasoning behind their decision.

“It is evident that AICC wanted to ‘plant the flag’ in this Chaldean Christian community by building this huge Mosque. This is a community of Christians, many of whom fled Iraq because they or family members were subjected to violence and abuse from ISIS.”

The brave stand by these people represents a much bigger issue taking place all over the world. Muslims are essentially invading, overwhelming towns and cities and demanding change. They spread Islamic propaganda, recruiting and ignoring other faiths that may have already been present.

These conversions are often forced. They do not care if you believe but they will not allow detractors. If someone speaks against the violent groups, they are attacked, verbally and physically.

In a desperate attempt to appear tolerant, people relent. The pressure to be accepting has gone so far in the other direction, Christianity and Catholicism are being overrun. Religious observers are afraid to practice their own faiths. That is unacceptable.

AFLC stated why they believed the city had relented in the first place.

“It is evident that the City caved in to the unreasonable demands made by AICC when the Obama Department of Justice got involved in that case by filing its own lawsuit.”

The interference of the Obama adminstration is not surprising but it was corrupt. The fight in Sterling Heights may be aided by the fact that those officials have been replaced. The changes happening in Washington are providing much needed support for others who wish to stand up for their rights.

The call for action in Sterling Heights is similar to the one being heard across the country; the indoctrination must end.


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